Pawlangyi elephant camp attracting tourists

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Tourists are observing elephants at Pawlangyi elephant camp. Photo: Myitmakha News Agency

Pawlangyi elephants are catching the attention of tourists who prefer to observe the habitat of elephants, it is learnt.
The elephant camp was opened in Bago Yoma, Pauk Kaung township, Pyay district. The tourists visited the elephant camp in the last week of December to watch the nature of elephants, and the way the elephants and humans are co-existing and to ride the elephants.
“Only the tourists visit the camp. We let the elephants go around the forest and we collect them in the evening. We take care of the elephants. The tourist arrivals at the elephant camp earn a high revenue for our country,” said assistant manager U Zaw Lin Aung.
The camp was started in 1991 after elephants moved out to other places upon suspension of timber extraction, it is learnt from an official of the elephant camp.
“The Pawlangyi elephant camp has attracted a lot of tourists. The employees taking care of the elephants are living in the camp so the tourists can have a chance to observe how the elephants and humans are living together in harmony. We have been arranging trips to the Pawlangyi elephant camp for three years,” said Ko Soe Soe, in charge of Belmond Travel and Tour Company. Currently, there are 11 female elephants and one male elephant in the Pawlangyi elephant camp.—Myitmakha News Agency

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