Peace and flexibility

Myint Win Thein

Peace means an end to war and violence in a region or in a country, and priority should be given to ending conflict in all parts of the country. For peace to prevail all over the country, it is important that all stakeholders participate in the peace process. Otherwise, peace cannot be restored in the entire country, and some parts of it will be left behind in development.
As Myanmar is home to various ethnic peoples, it is essential for all stakeholders to participate in the peace process at the national level and ways and means should be sought to enable non-signatories to participate in the national-level dialogues, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi pointed out in her speech yesterday.
In addition, she said that it is not beneficial to procrastinate in the process and every organization, individual and stakeholder, even if they are not invited to the meetings related to the peace process, are responsible for restoring peace in the entire country.
Therefore, the onus is on all to find ways and means to ensure the inclusiveness of all stakeholders in the peace process and to exercise flexibility along the process in order to move toward the ultimate goal of peace in the future. It is time stakeholders exerted efforts to build peace in the country because procrastination in the process will take its tolls.

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