Peace and Stability will bring about development

Editorial from Kyemon (the Mirror)
It can be said that the region has now begun to regain a certain state of peace and stability due to the government’s efforts, in the best way possible, to deal with the problems of instability in the area which occurred on account of violent armed attacks on Maungtaw region, northern Rakhine State.
The Maungtaw region situated in northern Rakhine State shares a border with Bangladesh, managing to open a border pass gate and to operate a border trade business with it. Mountains, rivers, creeks, beaches and fair weather which are typical features of the geographical landscape of the State has given the local populace favorable conditions for living and making a decent living for themselves.
The area can be said to be a good place for creating job opportunities and fruitful business as the border trade zone had been used for importing commodities and equipments used for businesses from Bangladesh and exporting rice, fish, fried fish and marine prawns from Myanmar.
Yet, a series of armed attacks disrupted the border trade for over two months, thus border trade businesses bore fruits no longer as in previous months as goods had to be exported via the Sittwe trade zone. As the Maungtaw border gate has not yet reopened, the area suffered a great loss.
Now that respective responsible officials are trying their best to reopen the Maungtaw trade zone, prospects for reopening the border gate are very good. Infiltration of destructive elements from across the border to conspire subversive armed attacks together with some locals has contributed to the ruin of peace and stability in Maungtaw area. Having collected circumstantial evidence, arrangements to totally remove these destructive elements are now under way.
It is not an easy task to bring the situation back to normal with a certain degree of peace and stability from the current state of unrest in the region. But, it is hoped that it is just a matter of time to reach the normal state if and when the problem is
subtly solved with strict
rules and laws, with a view
to bringing about the benefits of peace to the local populace.
It is the locals who suffer losses if peace and stability is lost in the region. Keeping in mind that peace and stability can bring about development, all the locals are required to take responsibility to cooperate with responsible persons enforcing the rule of law and effectuating area development, without taking part in destructive activities.

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