Peace be with You

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  • Peace and prosperity are paramount for everyone.
    However, it is regrettable that not everyone or every country gets to enjoy peace or prosperity completely as war has ravaged many parts of the globe. Given the situation, news of more countries preparing for conflict can be quite alarming.
    The standoff between our neighbor, India, and Pakistan has raised concerns across Myanmar and the world as a whole. As both nations possess nuclear weapons and are involved in conflict on the ground, it is easy to be anxious.
    According to one philosophy, peace and prosperity cannot be achieved through war. The world has been witness to several instances where aggression and military conflict could not resolve issues. At a time when many nations possess state-of-the-art weapons, depending solely on military tactics will only lead people to their doom.
    It is human to have differences of thought and philosophy, and this is common across the world. It is important to cultivate a mindset of negotiations to end conflicts and resolve problems. Based on our traditions, our beliefs and values will be different. Sticking with our beliefs and ideas while concentrating on crushing others will turn us into a primitive society.
    For the sake of world peace, it is important to cultivate a spirit of harmony in diversity, and this idea can help build a civilized society.
    Although everyone cherishes peace, the world is aggrieved by conflicts, some of which threaten the survival of our planet.
    This is a time to show willingness to compromise on political and cultural differences as well as beliefs.
    With Pakistan releasing an Indian pilot captured on its soil, tensions between the two nations will ease by a certain degree. And, this moderate gesture may lead to peace between the two countries. It is heartening to see the people of both nations are satisfied.
    It is certain that people do not find acts of aggression arising out of differences acceptable, and this idea needs to be spread across the world.
    In the past, we have seen protests against US political and military leaders, which brought about an end to the Vietnam War. Nowadays, the two nations are joining in economic undertakings for their countries. It is proof that they have embraced their diversity and are living in harmony.
    It does not matter who emerges the winner or who loses in the end, a war hurts all equally. Therefore, it is time for us to fill ourselves with a peace-loving spirit.
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