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Peace is demanded by entire mankind in the world except those who are neo-barbarians as well as scoundrels in the world. Why are modern-aged people asking for peace in the world? This is because we humans cannot enjoy and feel complete peace on earth due to injustice, conflicts, extremism, terrorism, hate crimes, racism, etc. The citizens of war-ravaged countries are longing for peace. Unless there are militarization, wars, violence, conflicts, acts of extremism, acts of terrorism and hate crimes, global people can live and move happily and safely. Man makes peace, but man even makes wars or devastations as well. Nowadays, unfortunately, the people from some regions in the world cannot enjoy peace and they are in utter despair. Miserably, people in these regions are struggling for survival against chaos and devastation. As peace is missing, the people lose happiness and security. Where there is no peace, the people concerned have no hope for their livelihood.’ The phrase, ‘no peace’ defines that a dangerous or unpleasant situation which threatens the survival of the people concerned.
Moreover, any form of warfare causes destructions and losses of human lives. The evil of war usually destroys the human settlement or infrastructure and natural environment too. The innocent people become war victims and their settlements turn to battle fields. As a result, they lose peace for their lives until the war is ended. When peace is lost, the society concerned is affected with huge detriment. That is why the peaceniks or doves or pacifists usually lead and participate in anti-war demonstrations around the world.
Sporadic gunfire or violence or terrorist attack occurs worldwide. The ordinary people are worried about the potential danger of terrorist attack which might appear in their daily life activities. The respective governments in some regions or continents are also threatened by terrorists or brutal extremists. Local people of the targeted nations have always been put on red alert following the bomb blast or terrorist attacks. Generally, the locals concerned are not secure while moving in the public areas and even they are not firmly protected. In fact, either a female terrorist or a male terrorist is in disguise of an ordinary dress or casual dress so that nobody can identify whether he or she is a terrorist or a suicide bomber. They usually use various tactics to attack the targeted structure or building or people on any occasions. Sometimes they kidnap the innocent people such as girl students, shoppers, social workers, foreign aid workers and journalists. Unfortunately, nobody could avoid the sudden catastrophe and they become the victims of terrorist attacks. Multinational journalists were decapitated by the terrorists callously and barbarically. They deliberately neglect and insult the advanced civilization.
Mosques, churches, tourist resort sea-beach, shopping centers, markets, colleges and even schools are targeted by terrorists. They kill unarmed innocent people in these places cravenly. The terrorists make innocent people suffer physical wounds as well as mental trauma whenever they escape from killing ground. The public places are not guaranteed to be safe so the people in countries in some regions are at risk of terrorist attack whenever they are being at public places. Violence or terrorist attacks take place anywhere regardless of public areas or religious places savagely.
Apart from the danger of terrorism and extremism, people under the oppressions of the despotic rulers feel desperate, and miserable. Their lives are stressful and insecure too. In this situation, the citizens concerned cannot enjoy peace of mind, and the atmosphere is not peaceful. The domestic conflicts, disagreement and injustice are overwhelming in the societies ruled by despots.
In this 21st century, very few nations are considered peaceful nations in the world because most of the nations encounter the man-made disasters or conflicts endlessly. The peace-loving nations try to get on well with other nations and the respective people have unity among them in those nations. They do live in peace and harmony. Notably, there is no domestic violence or conflicts. In addition, they exercise peaceful-coexistence among different nations in the world. Their efforts in maintaining peace internally and externally are rather commendable in deed.
Lots of domestic problems are being solved by means of holding peace talk or peace negotiation for maintaining genuine peace in some nations. Actually, they must not only talk, but also work for restoring genuine peace. If one nation has militarized some area of another nation, the UN peace-keeping forces are sent to drive out the military troops of the invader. Since the United Nations appeared for preventing wars and maintaining the global peace, all the nations in the world are obligated to fully comply the United Nations Charter by any means. The prevalence of global peace is important for any societies in the world. Normally, hostilities, hegemony, injustice, extremism, terrorism and animosity destroy the existence of peace in human society indeed.
The following is an extract from the internet news, describing Global Peace Index for 2015.
(“The nonprofit Institute for Economics and Peace released its Global Peace index for 2015, which ranks 162 nations around the globe based on factors like the level of violent crime, involvement in conflicts and the degree of militarization.”
According to the nonprofit institute for Economics and Peace, the thinly populated island in the midst of the North Atlantic—Iceland has retained its place as the most peaceful country in the world.
Six out of the top 10 most peaceful countries were European, with Denmark and Austria holding the second and third spots.
“Europe maintained its position as the most peaceful region in the world, supported by a lack of domestic and external conflicts.”
The United States is in the bottom half of the index, scoring badly in terms of militarization, homicides and fear of violence. Its ranking improved somewhat from a year earlier, though, rising from 101st place to 94th.)
Despite having peace treaty or peace negotiations, fighting or gun battle continues between two groups in some nation. This happens due to lack of mutual trust and both sides cannot make permanent peace in that area. The domestic armed conflicts transform the local people into internally-displaced people. Anxiously, they want peace, rehabilitation and humanitarian aids. They do not want to be refugees any longer. We, the common people want to enjoy peace of mind and have peaceful environment or society. In conclusion, those who threaten and destroy the peaceful situation or peaceful state are our common enemies in deed. The prevalence of peace in the world is our ultimate aspiration!!!

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