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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Throughout Myanmar’s history, all internal affairs were solved by the State and her people themselves, till a satisfactory state of affairs was reached. Events that happened in northern Rakhine State were in fact the kinds which had occurred to them similarly since time immemorial, and they were managed and dealt with in a proper and judicious manner in our own way.
    At such a time when the State is trying to find solutions systematically and with great care, in accord with rules and laws concerning affairs happening presently in northern Rakhine State, it was a disappointing turn of events that the UN Human Rights Council approved the one-sided decision of the situation on human rights in Myanmar without taking a vote at its 34th regular meeting held on 24 March 2017.
    Though not being a member country of the Human Rights Council, it is reasonable for Myanmar to reject the approval of such a decision. As regards making such a decision, the Permanent Representative of Myanmar to the United Nations Office in Geneva made a statement at the Human Rights Council’s meeting that Myanmar would never accept all the contents of the decision, with member countries of Human Rights Council such as India and China as well publicly expressed their disapproval over such a decision.
    During her official visit to European Union Headquarters and western countries last May and June, the State Counsellor herself officially said that the matter of sending a mission to the Rakhine State could not be accepted as it did not comply with on-the-ground situations and suggestions made by them were not helpful in solving problems, instead such a move would have created greater hostility between the different communities in the Rakhine State. And she openly disclosed wherever she went that the country has been making efforts to find a just and durable solution by implementing the recommendations of advisory commission on Rakhine Affairs led by Dr Kofi Annan.
    Just after armed attacks by terrorists at the border police outposts in the month of October 2016, an investigation commission led by the Vice-President was urgently formed to investigate accusations claiming that there had been violations of human rights in launching area clearance operations, making enquiries and investigations concerning on-the-ground situations in the conflict areas, even in Cox Bazar in Bangladesh. Provided that the said commission will release an internationally acceptable report in the very near future, effective responses against pressure from international communities to accept the fact-finding mission to be sent by the Human Rights Council will be able to be made.
    Establishment of security, peace, stability and development in the Rakhine State, resettlement, and increased provision of humanitarian aid and tasks for scrutinizing immigration status are being increasingly carried out with great momentum. As accused by outsiders, there is no violation of human rights.
    In case there are obvious evidences of violations, necessary actions will be taken against those violators in accord with the law. Therefore, we firmly believe that the Union Government will never accept any interventions from outsiders.
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