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Background history
Pennywort is any of various plants with small round leaves growing in crevices of rocks and walls or in marshy places as any genus (Hydrocotle) of perannial plants of the parsley family and small N. America plant (Obotaria vir genica) family. In other words, pennywort were acknowledged many centuries ago for the treatment of virous conditions. It is used as part of ayurvedic medicine, especially in Craditinos Indian and Chinese foractices. The bennywort is also percrial help that originated in most areas. It is native to India, Sri Lanka and Northern Australia and a few areas in Asia.
Pennywort has been associated with Few Asian legends. It is a Tai Chi Chuan master; Tai Chi Chuan lived to the age of 256 years due to an assortment of herbs he consumed daily, one being pennywort.
Another role is of king Hruma and his use of pennywort. He belived that it gave him The energy and stamina necessary for his harem of 50 women.
Pennywort is Known as
I.    Centella
II.     Gotu Kola
III. Asiatic and Indian Pennywort
IV.     Grahml

Pennywort has generally four Species
I.        Common Pennywort
II.    U.K Pennywort
III.     Medicinal Pennywort
IV.     Wild species Pennywort
How it Functions
I.         The herb functions by averting manner of the disorderly manner of the absorption of nutrition and corrects this process through an improved progression of disgestion of nutrients.
II.     Pennywort has antibacterial and in flammatory properties.
III.    It contains vitamin, B1.B2,B3, and B6 as well as calcium, maganesium, sodium, manganese and zinc.
IV.     We operate it by blender for syrup for elixir.
Health Benefits
The benefits of the pennywort tea are numerous and many people use this tea as a health tonic. Maintaining youth and the treatment of arthritis are its most popular use:

I.    Memory
Plus, it has been commanded as a great antidote for improving memory and therefore, considered food for the brain. Studies have indicated that consuming 2.4 new pennywort every a day may help sharpen alertness and memory and rejuvenate the brain.
There is important research being conducted to observe the effects this herb can have on those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.

II.    Neverous System
The central neverous system can receive amazing benefits with the consumption of pennywort. The herb works well in relating the mind and can assist in certain neverous disorders, sonily senilaty. ADD and epiepsy. It can be utilized as a nerve when coping with mental stress and fatigue and encourage sleep due to a neverous conduction.
III. Immune System
Pennywort can help our immune system from toxins High blood pressure, congestive heart failure, venereal diseases and Urinary tract infections are a few range of illnesses that can be treated with this remarkable herb.
Because of its antibiotic properties it has the capability to spead up the healing of wounds. Furthermore, pennywort can improve blood flow while also reinforcing veins and capillaries making them stronger.
It is effective in bringing down fever and treating dysentery in children, which is a severe form of diarrhoea.
IV. Circulation and Skin Conditions
Studies have shown it to be beneficial healing preventing phlebetis leg cramps and blood clots as well as decreasing the apperance of varicose veins.
Pennywort has also proved to cleanse and purify the blood stream and can remedy certain skin conditions such as eczema, chronic ulcers sore and Scleroderma, which is a condition that hardens the skin. A powder can be made from the leaves of this plant and applied to the
eruaptions on the skin.
This herb can be propagated by the modified roots on average soil and at temperate climate.
There are possible side effects of the herb and it should be taken under the advice of the doctor. It is also advised to take recommended doses as it overuse can bead to complication with your health.
It may increase cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It should be avoided by those with high cholestrol or diabetic individuals. It should not be used during pregnancy due to possbility of miscarriage.
Before implenting the pennywort into diet, consult doctor first to see if it’s safe for you.
To sum up
Most of Maha Rajas and the Majestic Kings used to consume this beneficial herb daily for their hygene, long life and dual purpose.

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