People are the key to overcoming any challenge

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More than one month before the World Health Organization declared the Covid-19 virus infection to be a pandemic, the Myanmar authorities took steps to overcome the possible challenges brought on by the crisis for the nation’s health, social and economic sectors.
The significant steps include beefing up surveillance at international airports and border checkpoints, suspension of festivals which draw crowds, and raising awareness about the disease among the public. The authorities also shut down cinemas yesterday and declared that travellers arriving from seven countries would be quarantined for 14 days.
To reduce the impacts on the country’s economy, the government plans to relax taxation and reduce interest rates to ensure the continued operation of factories, which most of our labourers rely upon for their livelihoods. Such efforts would be effective in lessening the risks to our country’s economic machinery.
It is a welcome step that loans with special low interest rates and tax exemptions would be granted to vulnerable industries, such as garment factories participating in the Cutting, Making and Packing- CMP system, hotels and tourism businesses, as well as small and medium enterprises.
Also, other assistance includes relaxing the two percent pre-tax imposed on exporters until the end of this fiscal year, relieving businesses from the burdens caused by the COVID-19 crisis.
We understand that these steps have been taken to respond to the current situation and needs. But, we should not lose sight of those long-term measures to overcome the crisis, in which no one can predict when the coronavirus will be brought under control anywhere in the world.
It is worth noting by the public what steps have been taken by the government to reduce the impact on the country’s people and economy, remembering that our people are the key to ensure that these steps and efforts by the government are effective and successful.
People are responsible to follow the guidelines of the health authorities.
People are the key to prevent the spreading of fakes news and disinformation about COVID-19, and to prevent actions which can cause instability and panic, such as stockpiling food unnecessarily.
Still, there is not one infected patient in our country.
According to the experiences we gained in the past, we do believe that we can overcome any challenge, together with the people.
Again, today is the time to show the role of people in tackling the current challenges. To achieve success in this task, the people are the key.

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