People have to implement public defence via public security system

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State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing addresses the meeting 1/2024 of the Security, Peace and Stability and Rule of Law Committee yesterday in Nay Pyi Taw.

If people, administrative bodies and security officials are united, they can bring success in implementing security, peace and stability measures and the rule of law, said Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.
Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, who is also in the capacity of Chairman of the Security, Peace and Stability and Rule of Law Committee, delivered a speech at the meeting 1/2024 of the committee at the SAC Chairman Office in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday afternoon.
Speaking on the occasion, the Senior General said that it is necessary to take care of security measures over attempts to deteriorate the government administration mechanism in various ways and means, in addition to intimidating non-CDM staff and spreading misinformation and fake news overflow of illegal commodities for causing panic among the people. So, all have to collaborate for State security, peace and stability and the rule of law.
The Senior General recounted those conflicts that happened via political changes in 2021 and then sparked unrest and violent acts. Then, some armed organizations attempting to disintegrate the peace and stability of the State and fuel violent acts conducted terror courses to the youths wishing to stage unrest and provided arms and ammunition. In 2023, terror attacks happened in some townships.
He continued that the Tatmadaw cooperates with members of the Myanmar Police Force and people in efforts to eradicate armed violence and to ensure peace and stability. Although Tatmadaw primarily serves to prevent external danger, it participates in the local security and rule of law measures together with the Myanmar Police Force according to the nation’s history. MPF members need to cooperate with local authorities from general administration departments in relevant regions to serve public security and the rule of law. The Senior General recounted that he had discussed the public security system in meeting with officials from registered political parties and urged them to implement it with public participation. A public security system is important, and if people, administrative bodies and security officials are united, they can bring success in implementing security, peace and stability measures and the rule of law. Mainly, informants must be kept secret. So, it is necessary to implement the public defence system via a public security system.
He stressed that departmental staff and security officials need to dutifully serve their assigned duties correctly, and service personnel must be supervised under security for reliable ones of the people. A government needs to successfully implement its policies and objectives to serve the interests of the State in a term. Hence, government service personnel must serve their duties for the nation’s interests but not for the government.
With regard to illegal trade, the Senior General pointed out that some acts are beyond the law, and businesspersons focus on their self-interests. It needs to consider trade as well as security measures. Illegal trade can flow money to armed terrorists for harming security. So, it is necessary to expose and act against unlawful trade effectively. As armed terrorists are related to narcotic drugs for their interests, the government needs to cooperate with narcotic drug eradication bodies from neighbouring countries such as China and Thailand. Moreover, severe action must be taken against those for online gambling and scams.
The Joint Secretary, SAC members, and Union ministers reported on relevant sectors, security, peace, stability, and rule of law measures.
In his response, the Senior General said that a country must have military, economic and political might. Of them, an emphasis must be placed on strengthening economic might. Economic weakness is based on agriculture and manufacturing without full capacity. It can be found that no one dares to interfere in the internal affairs of military and economically powerful countries.
The Senior General noted that although Myanmar is on the path of democracy, it is still weak in unity. The country cannot build politics but has regained independence for 75 years. The government adopted two political visions to strengthen the genuine, discipline-flourishing democratic system and build a Union based on democracy and federalism. The current problem is based on illegal demands for self-administration, autonomy and own states and regions. They have many requirements for exercising politics under law and disciplines.
He affirmed that the Constitution (2008) was approved by 92.48 per cent of the eligible voters. As such, no one can take any measures beyond the Constitution. Self-administration and autonomy need to seek approval at the Hluttaw via political dialogues, but armed struggle lines cannot demand it. Discussions are being held to exercise the PR system for the election to create equal terms of rights for all ethnicities. Authority is shared with regions and states. The government is holding meetings with political parties and ethnic armed organizations so as to stabilize the nation on the political trends.
In striving to ensure the security of the nation, he pointed out that for peace and stability as well as the rule of law, all people need to know the correct situations. Officials at different levels need to supervise all functions so they are implemented in the proper way.
Also present at the meeting were SAC members Admiral Tin Aung San and Lt-Gen Yar Pyae, U Wunna Maung Lwin, Daw Dwe Bu and Mahn Nyein Maung, Union ministers, the chairman of Union Civil Service Board and officials. — MNA/TTA

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