People learn from tangible facts

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[dropcap font=”0″]P[/dropcap]oliticians, regardless of their ideologies, are required to listen to public voice and employ the power of people as much as they can to march towards the better future for the country. Unfortunately, some politicians fail to listen to public voice mistake opinions for facts and accuse other who have seen the facts of pessimists while talking of themselves as optimists who can foresee the brighter future for the country. The fact is that such brighter future for the country will never be reached within the lifetime of such politicians.
People who are accused of pessimists are even branded as hardliners and forced to leave their organizations concerned. However, for laymen on the street, it is not very difficult to distinguish between facts and opinions since they are suffering social woes due to these facts of truth. They cannot enjoy the fruits politicians are dreaming because the fruits exist only in their opinion.
As a result, some politicians saw the truth a lot later than people on the street and echo what ordinary people have been saying for decades. Being late in politics stalls progress and has to pay a price. However, such politicians continue to pretend to have achieved a significant success. It is just their own opinions.
People learn from tangible facts not from what politicians say.

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