People must work together to enjoy the fruits of independence

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  • The people of Myanmar lived together in unity and enjoyed much prosperity for millennia before colonial rule. Our country was colonized in the late 19th century after three Anglo-Myanmar wars. Bogyoke Aung San and other leaders instilled a strong national spirit among the people, who fought long and hard for our independence.
    On the 4th of January, 1948, Myanmar regained her independence and sovereignty. This January, our country will observe her 71st Independence Day. Our people struggled for independence to ensure justice, equality, and peace envisaged by our national leaders. But do these virtues prevail in our country today?
    Since our independence, we have lost much momentum due to internal strife. Because there was no peace, there was no stability, and we lagged in many areas of development.
    Today, we are building a Democratic Federal Union as per the wishes of the people. The Union Government elected by the people is implementing the transition towards a democratic system of government. People play an important role in the creation and growth of a democracy. Therefore, they need to learn the essence and practices of a democracy.
    The Union Government, while working to ensure proper balance between the three pillars of government, is trying to build a country where all citizens enjoy freedom, equality, and justice. People must enjoy the justice and equal rights accorded to them by law.
    Our ethnic brethren must join together and work to ensure peace in the country. The Union Government, on its part, is making strenuous efforts to achieve peace.
    After independence, there were several conflicts among the nation’s races, which posed obstacles to the development of the state.
    It was also tragic to see people in some regions not fully enjoying the fruits of independence as their future was overwhelmed by violence.
    Therefore, it is important for all our people to participate in the sessions of the 21st Century Panglong Peace Conference which aims to find solutions to our political problems through dialogue.
    Now is the time to show the world that we deserve our independence by putting an end to internal conflicts. All our ethnic brethren must work together for the cessation of conflicts and for achieving long-lasting peace, so as to enjoy equal rights, freedom, justice, and peace.
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