People’s Military Servants Training 1 holds passing out parade

The passing out parades for Military the People’s Military Servants Training 1 were held on the morning of 28 June at the relevant local training schools, as per the respective military commands.
The Nay Pyi Taw Council chairman, relevant regional and state chief ministers, commanders of regional commands, and other officials attended the meeting. School principals presented awards for outstanding training, including the model soldier awards, military training excellence awards, sniper soldier awards, soldier’s ethics awards, and mine expert awards, and gave speeches to conclude the ceremonies.
After the ceremonies, the Nay Pyi Taw Council Chairman, regional and state chief ministers, division commanders, and officials met and greeted the graduates of People’s Military Servants Training 1 in the training school halls.
People’s Military Servants Training 1 commenced on 8 April 2024. The course covered various training modules such as physical fitness, military display, light infantry small arms training, individual battlefield skills, team-specific training, marching, special military tactics, military affairs security, assault exercises, battlefield engineering, and battlefield administration.
Graduates of People’s Military Servants Training 1 have been trained to become good citizens of the country. They have developed organizational spirit, teamwork habits, esprit de corps, and the soldier’s commitment to serving the nation. They will now join various battalions and units where they are assigned and will undertake their national defence and security duties with respect and pride.
These soldiers have shared their experiences from the People’s Military Servants Training 1, the positive habits they developed, their beliefs and convictions, and their plans to continue serving in their assigned battalions and forces after graduation.
“Military training has concluded. I have completed all advanced basic military training for militia personnel. During our two years of service, we will give our best and continue to serve. At the end of my two-year duty, should the Tatmadaw require it, I am prepared to sacrifice my life for the nation and protect it at any time. Compared to before, I now have a deeper love for the country and its people. I am thrilled and proud to have received such advanced basic military skills. To all the young people who will follow, I encourage you to be courageous and serve our country with honour”.
“During our course, we learned many principles to strengthen and unify our institution. Building a strong team spirit was emphasized, whether shooting with friends or facing challenges alone, highlighting the importance of unity in every battle. I believe that with determination and coordinated efforts, success is assured. We also encourage recruits to join us in striving to become dedicated citizen soldiers committed to giving our best.”
“I participated in People’s Military Servants Training 1. Following the government approval of the People’s Military Service Law, I enrolled in the course and had the opportunity to acquire fundamental military skills.”
“Throughout the course, living and dining arrangements were satisfactory. During training, we practised with the conviction that safeguarding the State and its citizens is our duty. The military training was rigorous and demanding, but I successfully completed it. Moving forward, I am ready to fulfil any responsibility entrusted to me by the country”.
Later in the evening, dinners were served to celebrate the graduation of the country’s soldiers from the People’s Military Servants Training 1 at the relevant training schools. The MWD band and mobile public relations troupes under the Directorate of Public Relations and Psychological Warfare performed songs to commemorate the ceremony. — MNA/TKO

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