People’s Party of Myanmar Farmers and Workers (PPMFW)presents its policy, stance and work programmes

People’s Party of Myanmar Farmers and Workers (PPMFW) General-Secretary Daw San San Kyawt presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 26 September.

Greetings esteemed citizens
We pray for the physical and mental wellbeing of all citizens of the Union.
I am General-Secretary Daw San San Kyawt of the People’s Party of Myanmar Farmers and Workers (PPMFW). We represent the central workforce of the nation, including the farmers, workers and labourers and are formed in harmonious collaboration with experts and professionals.
We are formed with different regional ethnic groups, and we do not work solely for one region. We aim for equal all-rounded development of the entire Union and to improve the socio-economic livelihoods of all citizens. We will establish a new Democratic Federal Union that can stand proudly with the rest of the world in terms of economy, education and defence services.

We will explain the political policies of PPMFW:
— To strengthen the civilian government administration system with democratic values and free from corruption;
— To amend the Constitution to be better suited for the nation in line with democratic standards and to strengthen the legislative branch;
— To strengthen the rule of law to be fair, free, transparent and free of corruption;
— To establish a federal union that corresponds with internal peace.
To establish a good and clean people-centred government administration, everyone from the President to the villages and wards-level must be representatives of the people elected by the people. There must be action against corruption, implementing transparency, and decentralization in the executive branch.
We will enact or amend laws that protect the interest of the people in the legislative branch. We will ensure the judicial branch is free from corruption, has transparency and is not influenced by the executive authority.
Together with independence, we also inherited armed conflicts which are raging on until today. The unbending stance of political leaders and armed groups are slowing national development. We need to escape from the clutches of our bad heritage and influence from history and plan for a brighter future. We need to build compassion and understanding, and equality is necessary for us to have trust and unity.
We must cast away narrow-minded nationalism and cultivate a broader national spirit. To establish a democratic federal union with mutual trust, opinions and equality through political dialogues is an essential objective of PPMFW.
For foreign policy, our party bases on an unbiased approach that actively and freely puts the national interest first. We will promote international relations and respect the sovereignty of other nations while practising peaceful coexistence.

We will now explain our party’s economic policies:
• To strengthen the industrial agriculture system and move forward as a formidable industrial nation and a major manufacturer of food through a 20-year plan;
• To reduce government’s hold on the economy and promote the role of private businesses;
• We must support a free market-based economy and invite foreign investments with long-term benefits. We must protect the stability of domestic ethnic businesses as well;
• Our policy on natural resources will focus on maintaining natural resources into the future and for the coming generations. We will form public resource financial commissions and implement transparency.
We will overcome our dependence on the exploitation of natural resources for national revenue and lay the economic foundation for promoting the natural geography and human resources of the nation.
We will develop the water routes, land routes, communications, hospitals, universities, special economic zones, industrial zones and other infrastructure. We will provide legal security for SMEs and ensure they receive assistance in technology, loans and other matters.
We will firmly implement the promotion of technology and value-added quality for agro-based produces and products as well as the exploration of the international market, which is essential for the farmers.
We will attempt to stabilize commodity prices to ensure the stability of banks and financial aspects.
Our education policy will aim for effective learning and critical thinking through free higher education. We will increase spending on education, offer a sufficiently better educational scholarship or stipend programme, grow the skillsets of teachers, send more scholars overseas, and create jobs for citizens within the country.
Our health policy involves drawing a national-level plan to ensure sufficient health expenditures and provide free medical services to people of low income, children and the elderly. We will organize medical trips to remote regions and nurture more medical professionals.
We will acknowledge and guarantee the full rights of all ethnic groups. We will preserve ethnic culture, customs and literature.
We will eliminate poverty as the nation can only become wealthy when the farmers and labourers are wealthy as well. We need to enact laws that protect the rights of farmers and labourers. We will guarantee the land ownership of farmers and eliminate the existing monopoly of farmlands, and resolve land ownership disputes swiftly and rightfully.
Our party will ensure farmers have access to a stable regular market, receive reasonable prices, and penetrate the international market. We will prioritize the necessary technology, capital, and farm machinery. We will implement organic farming and form agricultural co-operative associations.
The minimum wage of our nation needs to correspond with other ASEAN countries. Our citizens work-ing abroad need to be offered protection according to international labour laws. National-level plans must be drawn to create more job opportunities in the nation.
We must implement future action plans to offer support in social livelihoods, education and healthcare for the soldiers serving to protect our nation and their families. The Defence Service must be loved by the citizens and have loyalty to the country. It must become the people’s army and be united with the people.
Civil servants must receive sufficient pay and support while fiercely combatting corruption on the other hand.
We support freedom of faith within the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, but we must be vigilant towards religious extremists and prevent hatred between the different religions. It is a historical duty for our party and all citizens to defend, protect, and preserve our races, faiths, and national noble spirits.
In conclusion, our country is still rich in natural resources. It is the people who are still in poverty. To allow all ethnic people and citizens to attain wealth, genuine democracy and good governance are needed.
We respectfully request the people to cast their votes for the People’s Party of Myanmar Farmers and Workers as we pledge to work for the benefit of all citizens and develop the nation through our representatives in the Hluttaw.

Our party’s motto is:
“To fulfil necessities,
To protect from injustice,
To ensure prosperity in people’s lives,
Vote for People’s Party of Myanmar Farmers and Workers!”
May all citizens of Myanmar attain peace of mind and progress for the future on behalf of the People’s Party of Myanmar Farmers and Workers.

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