People’s Pioneer Party (PPP) presents its policy, stance and work programmes

People’s Pioneer Party (PPP) Chairperson Dr Thet Thet Khine presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 6 October.

Greetings esteemed people
The People’s Pioneer Party (PPP) is programmatic and will implement its motto of ‘People’s Lives Matter’ to build a brighter future for the people, and I will explain the policies for this in three parts.
Myanmar and the rest of the world are facing the spread of COVID-19. We have seen a drop in economic growth from over 6% to a mere 0.5% and unemployment has risen as well. A lot of migrant workers have returned to Myanmar, the youth and younger generation are lost in the differing opinions on social media and armed conflicts, and there is a sense of embarrassment on the global stage. We will firmly grasp our slogan of “Income for Everybody, Jobs for Everybody, Future for Everybody” to implement an inclusive policy for socio-economic development.
First, everyone wishes to increase income for their household, and our party will prioritize economic and social policies that will improve individual income. If our party were able to implement them at the legislative and executive branches, we would aim to increase the income of farmers, workers and SMEs and national income by 20% per year.
Developing the socio-economy will create suitable jobs for every person, and every graduate should be able to find a job within two years of graduating. The 5 million young migrant workers that exist should have secure jobs at home and abroad that offer a degree of integrity. They should be able to return home with a stable position in a short time, and the State should bear the task of ensuring all youths who could not complete education can learn vocational skills.
We will implement the following economic and social policies in the Hluttaw to create a better future for the younger generations.
1. We will ensure high-quality production for relevant markets and sectors through significant research as the 20 million farmers do not receive the necessary land, loans and other resources on time.
2. We will improve international trade by strengthening regional connectivity with special economic zones and border economic zones for the 2 million industrial workers.
3. We will ensure there is a guarantee for the next generations to conserve natural resources to set standards and production of high-end products.
4. We will implement industrial sector related policies to swiftly reach the modern industrial age for the 70,000 registered businesses and the unregistered ones so that they may catch up with the rest of the world.
5. We will open a joint office to offer services to improve public-private partnerships.
6. We will increase the basis for taxpayers and reduce tax rates to unburden the people yet not affect national revenue.
7. We will implement collaborative programmes to develop socio-economy, national reconciliation, and establish trust and peace.
8. We will offer appropriate entitlements, insurance, scholarships and incentives for civil servants based on their skills, education, expertise and experience.
9. We will implement long-term loans for civil servants to purchase houses, house rental systems for workers and long-term home loans for entrepreneurs to set up housing systems.
10. We will cooperate with all stakeholders to modernize industrial zones and urban projects.
11. We will ensure every citizen has access to electricity, drinking water and public services.
12. We will provide protection and social security for people with disabilities, vulnerable populations and marginalized people.

Esteemed people
Second, our party will cooperate with all affiliated organizations, supporters and ethnic political parties aiming for a genuine democratic federal system in line with the following socio-economic development policies below:
1. We will design regional development policies and strategies and incorporate them with union-level policies.
2. We will implement cooperative programmes for states’ and regions’ economic policy approaches in line with federal principles and the Constitution.
3. We will enforce policies for self-determination of all ethnic groups, equality, and the preservation of their unique literature, culture, and languages.
4. We will review public finance management to support regional development and self-determination by budget proposals, distribution of tax levied from border trade camps, and other financial policies.
5. We will collectively find solutions to the need for migrant workers, the dangers of illegal drugs, and environmental degradation.
6. We will implement strategies and plans in a balanced manner related to the Asian Highway project, China-Myanmar economic corridor and other related projects across the states and regions in an identical way for all ethnic groups.
7. We will implement suitable economic policies for the states and regions depending on their strengths and opportunities in a prioritized manner.

Esteemed people
Third, we will implement the policies as mentioned earlier well and cooperate with all stakeholders to amend the 2008 Constitution. The Constitutional Tribunal must review the three branches of government are in line with the Constitution, resolve constitutional disagreements between them, amend the relevant law in dispute and propose them at the Hluttaw.
We will amend the designated authority and responsibilities of the states and regions outlined in the Constitution to set up an excellent federal union system.
We will amend the tables 1, 2, 3 and 5 of the 2008 Constitution to give more authority to the State and regional governments and ensure they have appropriate self-determination in a genuine federal Union.
We will make the following changes based on the results of the peace process of the Defence Services’ national political direction to make the military more modern and capable of protecting national sovereignty and border sustainability:
1. The candidates nominated by the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services for ministers of defence, home affairs and border defence will transfer to civilian status after approval from the President to strengthen civil-military relations.
2. We will form Hluttaw affairs committees made of a fair number of Tatmadaw and elected representatives to discuss national security and defence specifically.
3. We will suggest a gradual reduction of Tatmadaw representatives based on the results of the peace process to ensure they Defence Services can carry out their initial duties to the fullest capacity.
Moreover, we will facilitate in enacting more substantial procedures for the organization of the Anti-Corruption Commission to enhance and develop a democratic system and clean governance.
We will clearly define and implement the leading role and responsibility of the State in the betterment of the market economy, higher income for our citizens, more employment opportunity, uplifting of future social status in line with the same standard as other regional countries.
We will proliferate fairness, freedom and equality across the nation and allow inherent rights and equal opportunities within reach of every citizen. We will implement the necessary changes to legislative, executive and judicial branches and initiate restorative justice. I conclude this with thanks.

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