Performance in One-Year Period of MRTV, for the People!

A file photo shows the programme of Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra Concert 2016 December broadcast on MRTV. Photo: MRTV

Myanmar Radio & Television  (MRTV) have been making its performance during successive governments’ periods of rule, with the aims of education, information and entertainment. Now that the country is moving on the democratic way, MRTV is making reformation works. And, it is collecting news by going among the public, standing up for the interest of the people and broadcasting news and information people deserve to know, with the changing time.
With effect from 2016 when the incumbent government took office, MRTV is carrying out the tasks of amending law on television and broadcasting for the development of media sector of the State, implementing the compilation of the laws necessary for changing as PSB, performing transparently for interested persons to launch the five new private media channels which will be expanded by adding to the existing channels being broadcast with the system of DVB—T2 of Multi-Channel Play-out System during the period of amending TV and Broadcasting Law.
Mastery of reporting the news and information for the benefit of the people plays an important role, hence proficiency and education programmes of the department is conducting training on filming, editing and art creations from foreign technicians, and sending its delegations to overseas training and seminars.
According to the analysis of people’s interest into the programs being broadcast by MRTV, it is found that people preferred entertainment sector to the other two. So, in order to be able to broadcast the programmes in new forms, respective branches are discussing the matter. Then, after taking the opinions of the Union Minister for Information through respective departmental head, it has decided that MRTV will move on its goal with the ratio of information (45%), education (20%) and entertainment (35%), 3 major responsibilities of MRTV.
As for the information sector, in the first one-year period of the new government, in addition to news on politics, economy and social affairs, political dialogues made at the Union Peace Conference, 21st Century Panglong, on exchange of views between the State Counsellor and youths and peace talks between State Counsellor and ethnic nationals were broadcast live. Women’s Week Forum and business talk between State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and prominent women entrepreneurs was also broadcast live by the MRTV. This helped the culture of negotiating between people with different views, media freedom and media development—the essence of the democracy.
Previously, news used to be broadcast in order of hour series. Starting from 15th February 2017, news times were reduced to 8 times a day from 13 times per day, so as to be stronger. Important news and news that people deserve to know urgently are being broadcast as breaking news and update news. Debate programs describing expertise discussions and ideas of scholars
and professionals over the current affairs of the country are also being presented. Likewise, people’s voices are being also described with a view to standing up for the people. Descriptions of one-day activities of grass root people and a new radio program, “Talk Show” a production by linking with Search for Common Ground (SFCG) were broadcast successfully.
Situations on economic markets including Stock Exchange currency market are being presented and presentation of dialogues on economy between invited professionals and intellectuals were being exhibited.
Educational talks on health and warning and sharing knowledge on protection of natural disaster, child care services, programs for sharing supportive guides for distant education and matriculation exams are also being presented. For making farming working on agricultural and animal farms improve their knowledge, the department made programs by combing with professional experts from Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Myanmar Radio as well managed to broadcast radio plays and stories, radio magazines, and various kinds of programmes. Besides, so as to get rid of discrimination and not to cause depression among the disabled societies, the program, “Diary of un-withered flowers,” was being presented every week. Therefore, Myanmar Athan/ Myanmar Radio won the media prize for 2016 on the ceremony for International day of persons with Disabilities, sponsored by the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement.
For giving relaxation of the people, MRTV is filming and producing new songs, performing in the ceremonies of the State, to the accompaniment of the national orchestra by combining with foreign technicians.
MRTV’s reporter themselves went to many parts of the country to get news and event footage to be able to present live to the whole nation. Due to their effort, regional news and information sent by 11 national ethnic languages’ news branches were presented within one-year period, besides news branches in Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon and Mandalay.
National Races Channels depicting actual situations of national ethnics are broadcasting traditional cultures, regional foods and cultural usages and terms that are nearly extinguishing, for all the audience to be convinced of them.
With the increasing uses of internet today, MRTV’s Website and Facebook are also posting news and other programmes for people to know the news with the changing time.
MITV is broadcasting Myanmar’s scenic beauty and traditional cultures online in English version, for overseas Myanmar nationals to lessen their homesickness and to make true news about Myanmar known to the world.
In accord with the changing times and systems, MRTVis transforming the existing system into PSB/ Private Service Broadcasting System. To be able to do so, laws are being amended and installation of Digital DVB T2 transmitters for the process of Analogue Switch Off is being made. For changing Analogue system into Digital system, to have 750 W Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB+) installed in Yangon as a pilot project, a contract to buy machines and equipments is under way.
MRTV had organized
audience to form a Radio Fan Club, collecting more than 5800 members across the nation. Gatherings of Myanmar Radio Lovers were observed in Pharbon in Ayeyawady Region, Mudon in Mon State and Shwebo in Sagaing Region during one-year period.
In building a nation, fair, accurate and unbiased media sector takes part as a grain of sand, and a block of brick. Being a state-owned media, it is releasing the statements of the governmental departments and activities. So, MRTV is an effective bridge spanning the government and the people.—MRTV

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