Performance of Kachin State Government in Second Year in Office


The Kachin State Government has made concerted efforts to achieve all-round development in all socio-economic sectors. In order to spur sustainable development, plans are under way to support and encourage small and medium-sized enterprises, development of health and education sectors, and conservation of the natural environment. The authorities concerned of the Kachin State Government have been able to serve the interest of regional residents with sweeping reforms in various spheres during two-year period of the new administration in office.
With a view to ensuring the improvement of socio-economic status of local residents, peace and stability in the region and rule of law and multi-sector development, the Kachin State Government had made dramatic efforts for agricultural development, construction of bridges in both urban and rural areas, ensuring power supply and development of education, health and tourism sectors.

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State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi poses for documentary photo together with Kachin Societies’ leaders. Photo: MNA

Geographical Features
It is Kachin State where Maykha river and Malikha river meet lying in the north part of Myanmar with a total area of 34379.22 square miles. It is a hilly triangular region occupying lush and green grass and plants. The two rivers, namely the Maykha and the Malihka originate from the head of the Ayeyawady River and form meanders adapting themselves to the obstacles, creating a confluence called Myintsone.
With famous Mt. Khakaborazi, the state is complete with marvelous and fantastic elements including Hukaung plain. It is also blessed with abundant rivers and creeks, valuable timbers, as well as rare species of flora and fauna that could attract peoples from different countries.
Kachin State is sharing border with the Republic of India as well as the People’s Republic of China and is blessed with priceless natural beauties and natural resources. It is made up of four districts, 18 townships, 30 towns, 160 wards and 2547 villages. Although the region is complete with natural beauties in abundance, its transport sector is still poor for various reasons.
To be able to bring about development in Kachin state, efforts have been made with added momentum and as a result, the state has been able to enjoy the fruits of development in various spheres in the two years tenure of the new Kachin State Government.

Union Minister Dr. Pe Myint looks around the community centre in Myitkyina Kachin State.  Photo MNA copy
Union Minister Dr. Pe Myint looks around the community centre in Myitkyina, Kachin State. Photo: MNA

With a total population of over 1.3 million, Kachin State is home to Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Mon, Bamar, Rakhine, Shan, Naga and other national races. Although the majority of local people are Christians and there are also Buddhists in the state. There are altogether 81 departmental bodies with over 50,000 government employees in service in Kachin State.
In Kachin State, there are 870,000 voters who have the right to choose 12 Amyotha Hluttaw representatives, 18 Pyithu Hluttaw representatives and 36 the state Hluttaw representatives from 20 political parties based in the region.

Aims and objectives
The aims and objectives of the Kachin State Government are: to restore peace and security, to improve transport infrastructure, to get electricity supply, to stop abusing drugs, to strengthen friendship among national brethren, to prevail rule of law, to promote socio-economic status of the people, to increase agriculture, to boost breeding, to promote tourism and to foster performance of public-oriented tasks and services which are devoid of all malpractices.
The Kachin State Chief Minister Dr. Khat Aung said, “Only if peace can first be brought about, will the country see progress in the nation’s development. However, there is not yet total tranquility in Kachin State. At such a time when the country is marching towards creating a Democratic Federal Republic, all individuals have the right to enjoy the benefits of their regions. It is of great importance to cooperate in negotiations. For as long as there are arguments about differing views and religions, the country will not move ahead in national development. It will lose opportunities for the nation and its people. Due to lack of regional tranquility, construction of major roads cannot be successfully carried out. In the rainy seasons, people are still finding it difficult to travel from one place to another.’’

Tatmadaw helicopters transported rice and other foodstuff to Putao from Nanpong Air Base Myitkyina on 28 February and 1 March. Photo State IPRD copy
Tatmadaw airplane is loaded with rice and other foodstuff to Putao Nanpong Air Base, Myitkyina, on 28 February and 1 March.  Photo: State IPRD

Transportation and Housing Units
As for the Kachin State Government, efforts have been made to improve the transportation systems in and out of the region. The Kachin State Road/Bridge Department under the Ministry of Construction built 10.728-kilometre-long Myitkyina-Mohnyin-Bamaw-Puta-O nylon-tar road, 48.49-kilometre-long concrete road, 331.08-kilomete-long tar road and 18.22-kilometre-long gravel road during the two years in office.
Being a Union highway, the Myitkyina-Swanparabwan-Putao road had been upgraded to be serviceable all the year round. In doing so, the facility had been extended and concreted, and its Myitkyina-Tiyanswut section had been extended to 34 feet wide in order to go tarred.
During the two years in office, the Kachin State Government had arranged to build 162 housing units for public service personnel in the region.

Birds soar near a visitor boat in Indawgyi lake in Mohnyin Kachin State which is to be preserved. Photo Salai Mang Ngai copy
Birds soar near a visitor boat in Indawgyi lake in Mohnyin, Kachin State, which is to be preserved. Photo: Salai Mang Ngai

Electricity Supply
Altogether 798 villages in 30 townships in Kachin State have been facilitated with electricity and 791 villages have been supplied electricity.
In a bid to supply sufficient electricity to the local people, the state government has tried ways and means to increase the electricity supply. With regard to electric power distribution, the Upper Namthtwet hydropower project is being implemented on Namthtwet Creek, about 7 miles northwest from Putao Township.
The project is expected to be completed in 2018 and upon completion the project, it will generate 14.13 million megawatts and electricity will be distributed to the region across the Kachin State.

Water Supply
With the loan of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), water supply projects had been conducted; utilizing Ks. 6000 million, to the towns and villages of the MyitKyia Towns; utilizing Ks. 282.605 million to Hopin town respectively.
Cooperation is of paramount importance for the people in Kachin State to work together with the local government as regional development tasks will be undertaken only when peace and stability prevailed in the region. The Kachin State Government has been making earnest efforts to promote education, health and road transportation sectors with the aim of nurturing outstanding people and improving socioeconomic status of the local people.


By Shin Min

(Translated by Win Ko Ko Aung)

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