Performance of Ministry of Home Affairs during one year period

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Reuse workers helping to the victims of the flooded area.

Rule of law is crucial for the firm strengthening of democracy and also sine qua non for the livelihood of the people in peace and stability.
Myanmar Police Force of the Ministry of Home Affairs has been carrying out the tasks including eradication of drug menace, building peace and stability of the state, bringing out the criminals and prosecuting them and preventing the crime with four objectives, to sustain peace and stability in the state, to strengthen the rule of law, to prevent the drug menace and .striving to contribute to the good of people.

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A reuse team delivering the aid to the disaster hit places.

Ministry of Home Affairs constituting Office of the Union Minister, Myanmar Police force, General Administration Department , Bureau of Special Investigation, Prison Department and Fire Services Department is working for the country.
Ministry of Home Affairs is also an enthusiastic and ardent participant in building the nation with the objectives; State security, rule of law, peace and stability in the country and contributing for the good of the people.

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Firemen trying to extinguish the fire of a major market.

Permanent Secretary, U Tin Myint stated that Myanmar Police Force, exercising the Community Policing , has been practicing the patrolling the areas by cars, motor cycles, bicycles and also by water craft in cooperation with the local people. Educating programmes for rule of law including home visit and exhibition car visit featuring the crime with its causes and effects. Besides, the plans are drawn and implemented for the prevention and reduction of crimes and rule of law.
During one year period of the new government, the 2559 cases of 10 varieties of serious crimes, 54114 cases of other crimes were taken action and 10 varieties of preventive cases were apprehended. Moreover, out of 351 cases of harassing and threatening through the social network, 92 cases involving alleged male 104 and female 24, 128 in total were sent to trial for conviction. The remaining 175 cases were still under investigation and 25 cases were closed.

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Rescue staff carrying assistantces to the natural disaster hit area.

183601, vehicles breaching traffic rules
“From April 2016 to February 2017, 80297, motor cars, 101519, motor cycle, 700 Trailor G, 1085 Tri-wheel motor cycle, totaling 183601 vehicles were taken action and 279 cars without license, 9 motor cycles without license were arrested. Moreover, 8404 motor cars were arrested for over speed as there were 744 car accidents causing 170 fatalities along the express highway” disclosed Police Lt-Col Tin Win.
In accordance with the Announcement (1/2016) of State Counsellor’s Office, the cases of the sued activists who were on trial at the judicial court and the cases still under police investigation were closed in 10 Regions and States.

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Prisoners receiving vocational skill through vocational training program.

Revocation of the political cases
The ministry has executed the rapid acquittal of prisoners of conscience and political activists. According to the Announcement 1/2016 of State Counsellor’s Office the political cases engaged in the trial of law suit were revoked exercising the Act 494(Ka) of Criminal Code and those under police investigation were closed under the Union Attorney Rule Act 96.
“Between 8 April and 1 July of 2016 (174) cases were revoked and (100) cases were closed involving (380) male defendants and (75) female defendants and (2) children totaling 457 persons” said Police Lt-Col Tin Win.

Myanmar Police Force has made an endeavor to prevent and deter the use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances by raising seizure of drugs and amphetamine tablets, destroying the poppy plantation. 1993 of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act is being amended to meet international standard and now under preparation to be ratified at Pyidaungsu Hluttaw.
Myarmar Police Force is also undertaking the prevention, relief and resettlement works for the victims hit by natural disasters in cooperation with other departments. Myanmar Police Force has carried out amending and drawing the laws and 22 laws are under the management of MPF. Under the supervision of Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Legal Affairs and Special Cases Assessment Commission, MPF has amended and redrawn the existing laws to be compatible to the changing systems, to be in line with the policy of incumbent government, to become the law that protect the people’s interest and that can be abided by people.
Laws not changed
The Unlawful Association Act (India Act 4-1908, Vol.II) 1908, The Myanmar Passport Act(India Act 34-1920, Vol.1) 1920, The Myanmar Official Secret Act (19, 1923) 1923, The Public Order (Preservation) Act (Myanmar Act 16, 1947, Vol. II) 1947, The Explosives Substances Act (India Act 6, 1908, Vol.II) and other 7 laws are under the management of MPF and those 12 laws are not changed and will keep its origin.
Eight laws including The Arms Act (India Act XI,1878), Temporary Amendment Act (Act LI/1951), Yangon Police Act (India Act 4. 1899, Vol.I), The Police Act (6, 1945), The Police Act(1904), Myanmar Extradition Act, 2005, Human Trafficking Act, 2014 and Money Laundering Act are revoked and will be supplanted by the newly drawn one.

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Prisoners have chances to continue their study in prison.

Four Types of Tax Collected — 104.04%
Four types of tax including Excise Tax is targeted to reach 27,908.657 millions Kyat and 29,035.274 millions Kyat has been collected hitting 104.04%. The registration of organization was done only by central office and now registration works can be done at the offices of Union, Region and States, Nay Pyi Taw, districts and townships. 100,000 kyat for annual fee at Union level; 30,000 kyat at regions and states and Nay Pyi Taw level; free of registration fee at lower levels.
During one year period of the new government, 1,581 NGOs and 30 INGOs were formed and 2,295 organizations have been formed.
In fulfilling the basic needs of the people different departments are put under the same roof and established the “OSS” offices to provide the services to the people efficiently and effectively.

Myanmar Border Guard Police Force
“ The amended two laws are Anti-Prostitution Act, 1,949 and The Narcotic Drug and Psychotropic Substance Law and Law of Myanmar Border Guard Police Force is to be drawn new”said the Police Lt-Col Tin Win.
General Administration Department is taking part in building the nation with 4 objectives rule of law, peace and stability of the country, regional development and betterment of the people’s life.
Organizing the systematic establishment of towns and villages, systematic implementation of rural development, offering the honourable titles, carrying out the transferring the immovable properties, land management according to the law, excise management , collecting the four types of tax to meet the target are the principal works of the General Administration Department.
OSS for the people
“ The One Stop Shops has been opened in line with the slogan “OSS for the People” with a view to provide quality- services, to culture the habit of serving the people effectively and properly renouncing the corruption, bribery and grafting, to forge the better confidence on the government and departments and to put check and balance practice among the departments” explained the Director of General Administration Department, U Lin Thaik Win.
The sub-committees to undertake the task of opening the “OSS” offices in Nay Pyi Taw, Regions and States were formed and under the effort of those sub-committees 316 OSS Offices with 15 service departments are now in operation.
The Ministry of Home Affairs established 1,558,761 public services offices nationwide.
Taking probe into criminal cases
Since the new government took office one year ago, Bureau of Special Investigation, has stepped up its efforts and could expose criminal cases and corruptions, could take measures for state security.
Probes were taken into 93 cases related with money laundry, 56 cases were completed and 16 cases are under investigation during the one year period.
Efforts for elimination of corruption at governmental institutions, orgs. Special projects were carried out in regions and departments in attempt to prevent and eliminate the malpractices and corruptions. “ One-year period has seen achievements in reducing and prevention of corruptions at the governmental institutions thanks to the investigative efforts and measures in accordance with law,” said Permanent Secretary U Tin Myint.
The Bureau of Special Investigation has stepped up efforts for investigating into suspected corruptions and malpractices at the governmental institutions in the one-year period and could exposed money laundry and corruptions.

Relaxation of rules for prisoners
In the one-year period, the Correction Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs has relaxed rules for prisoners, including giving permission to families and relatives of the prisoners to meet them once a week of 25 minutes in duration.
Meanwhile, the department have helped the prisoners to receive convocational skills so that they can stand on their own feet for their livelihood when they are released.
The Correction Department has also assisted the inmate students to continue their education as part of the department’s objectives, and in the 2015-2016 Academic Year, 19 students sat for the matriculation examination and of them, 11 passed it.
Meanwhile, the department has helped 35 male students and three female students to sit for the matriculation examination in this 2016-2017 Fiscal Year.

Fire safety measures
The Fire Services Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs has conducted out fire safety awareness door to door at wards, towns and villages and gave suggestions to the people for fire safety at high-rise buildings. Besides, the department has worked together with local authorities to raise awareness at factories, workshops, hotels, motels, markets and small and medium industries.
The Director-General of the Fire Services Department is the secretary of the Myanmar National Rescue Committee which was formed to coordinate with regional countries for jointly carrying out rescue and evacuation efforts when the countries are hit by disasters.

Water donation
The Fire Services Department supplied more than 3.6 million gallons of drinking water to the people in areas which was affected by the El-Nino-induced drought.
More than 10,000 permanent members and 11,210 auxiliary members of the Fire Services Department also carried out rescue and evacuation in 1,485 incidents including disasters from April 2016, to February 2017.

Fire engines
The number fire engines of the Fire Services Department has increased from 2920 in 2016 to 3136 up to March, 2017.
“In the one-year period, the number of fire outbreaks decreased thanks to fire safety awareness and campaigns. Meanwhile, we grasped the opportunities for cooperation with international organizations and conducted workshops and trainings. So, we could learn international fire fighting skills and methods and management of fire fighting equipments and got chances to cooperation,” said U Thein Tun Oo, Director-General of the Fire Services Department.
To sum up, the Ministry of Home Affairs has contributed to the State security, the rule of law, community peace and tranquility and public welfare in the first one-year period of the incumbent government.

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