Performance of Sagaing Region Government in 2nd Year in Office

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A view of the bridge across the Chindwin River in Khamti. Photo: MNA

Sagaing Region Government has carried out to achieve all-round development in all socio-economic sectors of the people. In accordance with 3 policies laid down by the Sagaing Region Government, efforts are being made to improve agricultural modernization, transportation and electricity supply, and tourism development in the region.
In order to implement the policy of boosting agriculture, the Sagaing Region Government had created 1600 acres of farmlands for the farmers in the region.
Sagaing Region Chief Minister Dr. Myint Naing said, “In order to improve the agriculture and livestock sectors in the region, the Sagaing Region Government has created over one thousand acres of farmlands and given to farmers who don’t have any lands for their employment opportunities.
During the period-of-two year, the Sagaing Region government has made an effort to improve the transportation systems in the region. All the roads constructed by the Road Department under the Ministry of Construction are tarred roads. Roads in towns are now in the process of covering Asphalt Concrete. Also all the bridges in the states are concrete ones. According to the data, there were 1210 miles of rural roads, 966 rural bridges, 336 miles of roads and 267 bridges including the Chindwin Bridge (Kalay) and the Chindwin Bridge (Homalin) and the Chindwin Bridge (Khamti) in the Sagaing Region.

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Vice President U Myint Swe inspects a bridge under construction over the Chindwin River in Khamti, Sagaing Region. Photo: MNA

The regional government is planning to develop three hydropower projects in Homalin, Lahe and Nanyon townships in Sagaing Region. These hydropower projects have provided opportunities for employment, education, business and the social sectors.
Regarding electricity, the Sagaing Region Government has provided some 4990 villages to get access to electricity in the region.
Previously, most of the villages within Sagaing Region relied on diesel-powered generators, solar power, mini hydroelectric power and biomass/ husk power for electricity.
The Sagaing regional government had arranged to supply electricity to the villages where there is no electric power supply. Over 4,000 villages have received the electricity in different ways in the region. According to the data, 89.03 per cent in the region had received the electricity from the government power supply.

Tourism Sector
Sagaing is a very promising land with its natural beauty, natural resources and rich soil fertility. There are four rivers- such as the Ayeyawady and the Chindwin flowing in this region and people can grow the plantations on the delta fertile land. With colorful ethnic groups and rare animals found in this region, the Sagaing Region has become a good region for eco-tourism, too.
There are extinct animals like tigers only found in Sagaing Region. Tigers are very rare nowadays and the region is very famous for its strong natural beauty and natural resources.
In the Sagaing Region, there are so many undiscovered treasures to make the sightseeing for eco-tourism. There are valuable extinct animals such as golden deer, Himalayan bears and tigers which are not much found in Asia.
Also, there are ancient pagodas such as Bowl Mountain Pagoda which has amazing sites for eco-tourism.
There are so many ancient buildings which had been built in the colonial era. They are very famous as well as so much interesting places to be discovered and promoted for the tourism.
Besides the tourism attractions, there are also other business opportunities in the region such as making bamboo plantation projects.
With the bamboo the local people can make good traditional and modern furniture. And paper can be made with bamboo and we can also get by-products after processing.
Sagaing Region is rich in natural resources. Thus many mining products such as gold, copper and coal are found in this area.

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Naga ethnic people are dancing at the traditional new year festival in Lahe Township, Sagaing Region. Photo: MNA

Naga Ethnic Race
In the Sagaing Region, there are 100 tribes in the Naga ethnic group. Very rare ethnic tribes and their dialects are different. They are found in a beautiful place between Pinlebu Township and Ba-mauk Township. The ethnic groups in this region are colorful and very interesting.
As the Naga Self-administered Zone is endowed with natural resources, it is of great importance to tap effectively for regional development. There are many committees to preserve the Naga culture and literature. All-inclusive efforts are required for regional development. Peace and stability is the key for regional development. Only peace and stability can ensure national development of the Region. It is witnessed that development in Naga region is proof of its peace and stability.
In order to develop the region, cooperation is needed to take part in the endeavours for regional peace, stability and progress. The Sagaing Region Government is making the utmost efforts to narrow the gap between the regions and state.

Implementation Process
To implement the policies of the government such as national reconciliation, internal peace, raising the social living standards of the ethnic national brothers and sisters in regions is important and plays a major role. For the union to develop in a balanced way, peace needs to prevail throughout the whole country.

Regional Development
The Naga capital of Lahe and Khamti Towns are now linked by the Sinthe-Lahe Road, which is accessible in all weather conditions, while the Lahe-Nanyun Road has been upgraded, and the efforts of the respective departments must be recognized.
As for the Sagaing Region Government, concerted efforts are being made to carry out development tasks for socio-economic life of Naga people. Therefore Naga people need to strive for regional development with added-momentum joining hand with the government.

Returning the land to the rightful owners
The Sagaing Region Government had returned 48000 acres of confiscated land to the farmers in the region. These measures were due to thanks to the Sagaing Region Government and committees concerned for their efforts to return the land to the rightful owners.

A modern gems market
With the cooperation of the Sagaing Region Government and the Sagaing Gems and Jewellery Entrepreneurs Association, plans are under way to build a modern gems market in order to attract foreign buyers, allowing local companies to develop and bringing in tax for the country. With the cooperation of the Region Government and the local people, it is heartening to witness to see the progress of the socio-economic status of the Sagaing Region.

Translated by William Ko

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