Performances in One-Year Period

  • Progress made by Kayin State Government in one-year period of new government

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    Zwekabin Mountain in Kayin State.

Kayin State with an area of 11730.85 square miles is situated in the southeast of Myanmar. It shares border with Shan State and Kayah State to the north, Thailand to the east, Mon State and Taninthayi Region to the south and Bago Region and Mon State to the west.
Kayin State is constituted with four districts, seven townships, 11 towns, 84 wards, 376 village-tracts and 2097 villages. With a population of over 1.5 million, it is home to Kayin, Mon, Bamar and Pa-O national races.

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DKBA,KNU,KNU/KNLA in Kayin State have signed ceasefire agreements of State Level, putting the Kayin State on the right truck to development.

Peace process
DKBA, KNU,KNU/KNLA-PC are all the national race armed groups in Kayin State that have signed ceasefire agreements of state level and nationwide ceasefire agreement-NCA with the government and are now on the right track of the internal peace process.
Since taking office on 31 March 2016, the Kayin State Government led by Daw Nan Khin Htwe Myint has been making all-out efforts in cooperation with national race armed groups who had already signed peace agreements to ensure peace and stability in the state, and as a result, they have been able to build mutual friendship and trust with the armed groups.

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Kayin State Chief Minister Daw Nan Khin Htwe Myint.

The Kayin State Government provided funds and other necessities for the national race armed groups who had returned to legal fold to ensure that the latter fully engage in agriculture and livestock breeding as livelihoods. In the meantime, it has granted permits to companies of national race organizations in implementing regional development undertakings, thereby resulting job opportunities for ethnic peace groups.
As peace and stability prevailed in the region, the Kayin State Government has established Laykekaw, a new satellite town, in Myawady Township with a view to accommodating those who were returning from refugee camps in Thailand and those who fled to the other country due to armed conflicts and returned home, and has been involving in development activities there.

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Officials warmly welcome IDPs from the Thai-Myanmar border.

As part of the activities, it had accepted 65 refugees out of those living in refugee camps in Thailand after coordinating with the Thai Government and the UNHCR, and resettled them at the respective regions they preferred and then provided them with necessary assistance for improvement of their socio-economic status.
Since the Kayin State Government was able to further strengthen friendly relations with ethnic armed groups though coordination and bring about peace in the region, National Level Political Dialogue for Ethinc Groups (Kayin) was successfully held in Hpa-an from 18 to 20 January 2017 with 600 representatives in accordance with terms and conditions of the NCA.
Perspectives and opinions of the whole Kayin people on political, economic, social affairs, land and national resources as well as environmental conservation collected from National Level Political Dialogue for Ethinc Groups (Kayin) will be presented to the Union Peace Conference-21st Century Panglong.

In order to ensure smooth commodities flow in the border area of Myawady, Kayin State the construction of No. 2 Myanmar-Thai Friendship Bridge was started from the month of August 2015 near Yaypu village in Myawady township and the facility is expected to be completed in the month of March 2017. Upon the completion of the friendship bridge on the east-west economic corridor linking Myanmar-Thailand-Laos-Viet Nam, it will contribute a lot to better transportation and economic development of both Kayin State and the country.
The bridge project has inevitably something to do with the land grasp which is to be carried out in the national interest. To address the problem, the Kayin State Government formed the coordination committee for compensating the land to ensure that local people who suffered receive a compensatory payment for 146.95 acres of land and buildings demolished. A total of K 350 million was given already as compensation to local people.
Apart from that, the 45.45 Km long section of Myawady-Kawkareik Asian Highway was able to be opened in the month of August 2015 and the Kawkareik-Eindu section is being upgraded into a facility of international level. In the 2016-2017 fiscal year, the 11.6 Km long Eindu-Zarthabyin road was tarred and the project is now near completion.
In the time of the new Kayin State Government, the 500 feet long Anankwin Bridge on Thanphyuzayat-Phayarthonsu Road was formally opened on 11-10-2016 with the attendance of the Chief Minister of Kayin State Government.
Furthermore, the Thehtamanaung Phayargyi roundabout and Mebaung roundabout in Hpa-an, the capital of the state, were demolished and traffic lights had been installed instead so that the people could move about in accord with the traffic rules and regulations, while the two miles and six furlongs long road section from Shweyinhmyaw Pagoda to Mebaung junction was upgraded into a tarred facility as part of projects on upgrading of downtown roads.

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Efforts being made to supply adequate electricity to Kayin State.

Availability of drinking water
The Kayin State has to encounter with a shortage of drinking water on a yearly basis, and the Kayin State Government thus managed to sink artesian wells in eight different places and constructed a small dam near Tharmanya village. The small dam was able to accommodate 20 million gallons of water, that could be used for drinking purpose and fire prevention measures.
In order to transform the Kayin State into mechanized farming from manual farming, a total of K 90 million fund was allocated to upgrade 500 acres of farmland in Kawthankhar village, Kawthinshu village and Khayar Atwin village in Hpa-an township with the use of modern farm equipment. A farm equipment shop was opened in Htilon village, Hlaingbwe township, where one combine harvester, 17 powered tillers and ten motorcycles were sold for K 64.250 million on hire purchase to local farmers.

Education sector
In the education sector, altogether 153 basic education schools in Kayin State have been upgraded and opened in the 2016-2017 fiscal year with a total of 538 more teachers appointed.

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Kayin State Chief Minister Daw Nan Khin Htwe Myint and offcials observe paving of Eindu-Zarthabyin road.

Health sector
With a view to ensuring development of health sector in Kayin State the Anankwin Station Hospital was opened in the 2016-2017 fiscal year while steps being taken for opening of the 16-bed Phalantaung Station Hospital in Sonhsimyaing region and Phalantaung village in Myawady district. Meanwhile, more six new rural health care centers and 20 sub-rural health care centres were opened to be able to fully engage in health care activities in the region.

Sports sector
To be able to keep pace with sports activities of other regions, Kayin State competed with 23 sports events out of 28 in Inter-Region and State sports competitions in the 2016-2017 fiscal year, securing championship trophy in football, championship trophy in traditional boxing (novice), championship trophy in tradition boxing (C-level) and breaking the record timing 11.22 sec in a 100-meter race (men). In the competitions, participants from Kayin State secured 18 gold, 19 silver and 19 bronze.

Electric Power sector
The 55.5-mile long Mawlamyine-Myawady 230 KV transmission line that will supply electricity to the residents in Myawady and Kawkareik Townships through the National Grid is under construction and the project is completed by 30 per cent. Construction of a sub-power station in Thinngan Nyinaung, Myawady Township and 17.31-mile long Myawady-Kawkareik transmission line is 80 per cent and 38 per cent complete respectively. Construction of a 66/11 KV (10) MVA sub-power station in Kawkareik Township is finished by 98 per cent.
The sub-power facilities in Hlaingbwe, Myaingyingu and Leiktho Townships, Hpa-an-Hlaingbwe transmission line and 24-mile long Tounggoo-Leiktho transmission line had been 100 percent completed. The 10/2 MVA transformers in Hpa-an were upgraded to 10/24 MVA sub-power station in an attempt to provide the locals in Hpa-an and Hlaingbwe Townships with sufficient electricity. The 23.5-mile long Thandaung-Bawgali transmission line and a sub-power station in Bawgali were constructed using loan from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the electricity was distributed to the locals commencing 2 February 2017.
Construction of 0.1 mile long 33 KV transmission line, 142-mile long 11 KV transmission line, 39-mile long 400 voltage transmission line and installation of 165 transformers were carried out in Hpa-an, Hlaingbwe, Thandaunggyi, Kawkareik and Kya-in-Seikkyi Townships in 2016-2017 FY by spending the Kayin State government fund.
Implementation of staff housings
The staff housing projects were developed in Kayin State for the civil servants in 2016-2017 FY. So far, the Kayin State government has built 264 staff accommodations in Hpa-an, 72 apartments in Kawkareik, 24 rooms in Myawady, 12 flats each in Thandaunggyi and Papun totaling 384 rooms for the governmental employees.

Construction of river bank retaining walls
Construction of the 150-ft long Gawli creek retaining wall and the 690-ft long retaining wall along Thanlwin River near Khetauk-Mohhkti motor road are being implemented in Kayin State with the use of K 30.50 million allotted fund. In an effort to implement peace process and regional development tasks, the Kayin State government is cooperating with the state high court and state Hluttaw in a balanced manner.

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Kayin State Chief Minister Daw Nan Khin Htwe Myint and officials attend opening ceremony of Anankwin Bridge in Kayin State.

Committee to scrutinize land ownership and supervisory committee on land leasing were formed to grant land leasing for the residents in Hpa-an. Peace-making process is one of the guarantees that made during election campaign in the one-year period of the Kayin State government.
Regarding peace process, Kayin State Chief Minister Daw Nan Khin Htwe Myint said that National-level Political Dialogue for Ethnic Groups (Kayin) was held in Hpa-an on 18-23 January and the participants discussed the basic principles of the democracy and federal system in a frank and open manner. Electricity is sine qua non for the general public and the Kayin State government put emphasis on fulfilling people’s demand for power as second prioritized basis. The 49 percent of the people in Kayin State has access to electricity and the regional government is making utmost efforts to increase electricity generation, she added.
As to road transportation, the state chief minister said that construction of 2nd Myanmar-Thailand Friendship Bridge in Kayin State was once suspended as a result of disputes over farmland compensation and the issue was settled in the time of new government and the bridge is expected to open to traffic by this March. She highlighted that Kayin State government significantly achieved successes in many areas during one-year period due to its close collaboration with the state-level Hluttaws and departmental organizations.
Concerning the sports sector, the Kayin State football team emerged champion in the Region/State football tournament in time of our new government. Moreover, Kayin State sports contingent won gold medals in not only Sepak Takraw contest but also traditional Lethwei competition, she added.
With regard to education and health sectors that play an important role in developing a country, the 224 schools were constructed in Kayin State this year and the state government managed to open rural health centers and station hospitals to offer better healthcare system to the needy people and arrangements have been made to open a drug rehabilitation center for youths in Hpa-an, Kayin State and to ensure free medical treatment for them at the hospitals, he said.
The Kayin State government has been selling agricultural equipments, combine harvesters, tractors and qualified seeds that play a pivotal role in engaging in agricultural sector to the farmers from seven townships in the state on 2-year hire purchase.



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