Performances in One-Year Period

Kachin State on the right track to development

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Arrival of relief items for local people in Kachin State are seen.

It is Kachin State where Maykha river and Malikha river meet lying in the north part of Myanmar with a total area of 34379.22 square miles. It is a hilly triangular region occupying lush and green grass and plants. The two rivers, namely Maykha and Malihka originate from the head of Ayeyawady River and form meanders adapting themselves to the obstacles, creating a confluence called Myintsone.
With famous Mt Khakaborazi, the state is complete with marvelous and fantastic elements including Hukaung plain. It is also blessed with abundant rivers and creeks, valuable timbers, as well as rare species of flora and fauna that could attract peoples from different countries.
Kachin State is sharing border with the Republic of India and the People’s Republic of China and is blessed with priceless natural beauties and natural resources. It is made up of four districts, 18 townships, 30 towns, 160 wards and 2547 villages. Although the region is complete with natural beauties in abundance, its transport sector is still poor for various reasons.

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An official presents relief items to a flood victim in Sotlaw Township.

To be able to bring about development in Kachin state, efforts have been made with added momentum and as a result, the state has been able to enjoy the fruits of development in various spheres in the one-year tenure of the new Kachin State government.
Over 1.3 million population
With a total population of over 1.3 million, Kachin State is home to Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Mon, Bamar, Rakhine, Shan, Naga and other national races. Although the majority of local people are Christians and there are also Buddhists in the state. There are altogether 81 departmental bodies with over 50,000 government employees in service in Kchin State.

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Kachin State government holds first four-month cabinet meeting.

In Kachin State, there are 870,000 voters who have the right to choose 12 Amyotha Hluttaw representatives, 18 Pyithu Hluttaw representatives and 36 the state Hluttaw representatives from 20 political parties based in the region.
Crime prevention
The judiciary sector of Kachin State saw ten major cases—20 incidents, two cases on file, 18 remaining cases, seven others—148 incidents, 19 cases on file, one case closed, 128 remaining cases and ten prevented cases—232 incidents, 105 cases on file, 127 remaining cases in the year 2016-2017.
The security measures of Kachin State are being largely taken by the military command, operation control commands, state MPF commander office, state support company and district/township MPFs with the support of over 7500 people’s militia. The above-mentioned forces are also responsible for defence of the state.
Over 440,000 acres of farmland
There are ten major crops grown in Kachin State which is made up of over 440,000 acres of farmland. As the per acre yield stands at 68.72 baskets, the region has been able to produce over 25 million baskets of paddy annually on average, ensuring 122.43 per cent of food security. The whole Kachin State is in a position of enjoying food security. As far as edible oil is concerned, the demand is 16096 metric tons and the supply is 17622.65 metric tons, ensuring 109 per cent of edible oil security.
When it comes to livestock breeding, buffalo, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens and ducks are raised along with the production of fish and meat, eggs and dairy products, satisfying the demand of local people.
With regard to jobs creation, private factories and mills were established in the state together with cottage industries, bringing about a large number of jobs for local people.
Extractive industry
In the extractive industry sector, Kachin State saw the production of 9.079 tons of tin in 2016-2017 along with 730.80 viss of gold produced in the gem sector. As regards the jade mining sector, 10640.165 tons of jade were jointly mined by the government and gem companies on a mutually beneficial basis. The value of the jade mined is K 31316.238 million with K 6263.247 million in tax.
Diversion weirs and river-pumping project
The state has five dams, 462 diversion weirs and five river-pumping projects. The Kachin State government planned to carry out two projects by spending K 770.897 million of regional development fund. The nine projects are being implemented by Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department through the allotted fund of the Kachin State government in the fiscal year 2016-2017.

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Construction site of Kyargyikwin Diversion Weir in Mohnyin Township, Kachin State.

Construction of bridges
The Kachin State Road/Bridge Department under the Ministry of Construction built 119.623 (74/3) miles of road into tarred ones in the 2016-2017 fiscal year with 1085.941 (674/6) miles of road already in place in the state. In the meantime, altogether 650 bridges under 180 feet and eight bridges above 180 feet were constructed inclusive of box culvert in the 2016-2017 fiscal year.
The road maintenance works for Momauk-Lwejel road are being carried out by Northern Tawwin Jade Company through B.O.T system for security purpose. The Myitkyina-Nammati-Tanai-Panhasung road is also being built through B.O.T in the 2016-2017 fiscal year. Under the B.O.T system, 20 miles ( from 32/7 to 52/7) of road section has already emerged as gravel facility while its 300 meters long section went concrete as part of project to tar Myitkyina-Nammati-Tanai-Panhasung road section. Altogether 45 culverts, eight concrete outlets were constructed, while 11563 feet long drain on left side and 13358 feet long drain on right side went concrete. Apart from that, three major bridges are now under implementation.
Being a Union highway, the Myitkyina-Swanparabwan-Putao road is being upgraded to be serviceable all the year round. In doing so, the facility is being extended and concreted, and its Myitkyina-Tiyanswut section is being extended to 34 feet wide in order to go tarred. Under the project, the extension of a road section from Myitkyina to Tiyanswut village will be completed in the 2016-2017 year.
Recreation facilities
When it comes to hotel and tourism industry in Kachin State, the state was facilitated with 26 hotels with 268 rooms for the local and international travelers. The Myitsone (Confluence of Maykha and Malikha Rivers) and Kareinnaw are popular tourist destinations in Myitkyina Township.
The Kachin State is complete with 32 public bazaars and the 16 state-run banks and 19 private banks that are offering banking services to the people. With a view to supplying adequate drinking water for the residents in Kachin State, over 300,000 gallons of water are being distributed from 67 drinking water plants to the 13,000 households daily.
The Kachin State government collected K 1906065914.9 million of tax revenues in the 2016-2017 fiscal year. Kachin State government’s production value stood at K 201320.8 million and its trade value amounted to K 230984.6 million whereas its gross domestic product (GDP) and service value was K 1121768.01 million and per capita income was K 852,542 in the 2016-2017 financial year.
Over 200,000 of working populace
It is found that the working population in Kachin State is over 200,000 and unemployment population is over 590,000 accounting for 25.71 per cent. To rein in the unemployment, Kachin State government has been trying its most for creation of job opportunities for the local people.
With regard to electric power distribution, 12 66/11 KV sub-power stations and two 132/66/11 power stations were constructed in Kachin State and the 66/11 KV sub-power station in Phakant Township and the 33/11 Nyaungpin sub-power station in Mohnyin Township are under construction. Altogether 798 villages in 30 townships in Kachin State have been facilitated with electricity and 1755 villages have been without electricity. In a bid to supply sufficient electricity to dwellers in Putao and Machanbaw Townships, the Upper Namthtwet hydropower project is being implemented on Namthtwet Creek, about 7 miles northwest from Putao Township. The project that can generate 3.2 megawatts is 60 per cent complete.
Upon completion the project, electricity will be distributed to Putao and Machanbaw Townships along with 17 villages in Putao Township. Construction of power transmission lines and installation of transformers for the wards and villages in Putao, Nagmon and Sumbrabum Townships and purchase of diesel-powered generators are scheduled to be made in 2016-2017 fiscal year.
Urban development
Apart from its development funds, the state government also utilized the funds contributed by the public in the building of 16 concrete roads (1/2.27 miles), 102 tarred toads (19/3.70 miles), 18 gravel roads (2./1.00 miles), and 31 sandstone roads (4/3.13 miles) at a cost of K 2167.90 million; two tube-wells, one hand-drilled well, and other 24 related works at a cost of K 106.36 million in the water supply project; 91 concrete bridges, eight brick-base wooden bridges, 28 conduits, and 11 other related works at a cost of K 612.67 million in the fiscal year 2016-2017.
The departmental quarterly and biannually mutual talks have been held for border trade promotion. In fiscal year 2016-2017Kampaiktee and Lwaijai camps exported USD 209.153 million worth of goods and imported USD 48,9 million worth of goods. So the total trade volume of the camps was USD 258.053 million
Teacher-student ratio
The state has 11 universities and colleges, and 946 faculties and up to over 23,000 students, so the ration between them is 1:25. The state has 84 basic education high schools, over 30800 teachers and over 120000 students. So the ratio bet6ween them is 1:32.
The state has 119 basic education middle schools, over 2400 teachers and over 73000 students, so the ration between them is 1:30. In the primary sector it has over 1200 schools, over 7200 teachers and over 140,000 students. So the ratio bet6ween them is 1:19. A total of 15353 five-year-old boys and 14908 five-year-old girls were enrolled in 2016-2017. So the enrollment rate was 98.99 per cent.
The state’s matriculation passed rate in 2015-2016 was 29.74 per cent. Its literacy rate was 91.10 per .it has 1016 libraries, it is planning to open more libraries to promote public knowledge.
Healthcare services
The Kachin State government has been offering healthcare services to the people through 58 hospitals, 13 private hospitals. There are 15 healthcare centers and 65 private clinics totaling 80 healthcare centers in Kachin State. The Kachin State government is providing healthcare services to the rural people by opening 71 rural healthcare centers and 287 rural healthcare branches. Arrangements are being made to offer better healthcare services to the people in Kachin State.
The state has 10 football grounds, six tennis courts, five golf courses and two weightlifting gymnasiums. The Kachin State government is making efforts to promote sport standard by opening gymnasiums, conducting trainings and organizing sport events.
Relinquished lands returned to owners
The Ministry of Home Affairs issued the announcements to be able to return the relinquished lands of the ministries concerned to the rightful owners by the central committee to scrutinize farmlands and relinquished land in Kachin State.
The people in Kachin State need to cooperate with the local government as regional development tasks will be undertaken only when peace and stability prevailed in the region. The Kachin State government has been making earnest efforts to promote education, health and road transportation sectors with the aim of nurturing outstanding people and improving socioeconomic status of the local people.

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