Performances in One-Year Period

UCSB—Source of good civil service-persons who will serve people

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Vice President U Myint Swe and Union ministers attend opening of the Civil Services Academy.

Dr Win Thein, chairman of Union Civil Service Board (UCSB), believe that public servicemen must serve people and fulfill public’s needs.

Initiation of Cultivating Good Attitudes
Accordingly, the UCSB is starting to cultivate the spirits of civil service-persons with new types of teaching, aiming at upgrading their abilities, fulfilling people’s needs promptly and making them take responsibility and accountability, in providing service to people.
UCSB is an organization performing the tasks of selecting, promoting and training government servicemen, and compiling service manuals on rules and disciplines for service persons to abide by, and supporting the government concerning staff affairs.

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Dr Win Thein, Chairman of the Union Civil Service Board (UCSB), delivers a speech at the opening of the Civil Services Academy in Pyin Oo Lwin.

Keeping abreast with international standard
During one-year period when the new government took office, performances carried by the UCSB include changing types of teaching at central service universities likewise those used by overseas universities, amending law on servicemen did not comply with current situations any longer, carrying out preparation of amending rules and regulations, selecting service personnel through examinations in which spirit-based question types had been changed and co-operating to compile strategic plan for changing public service-personnel system by linking with international institutions.

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Dr Win Thein, Chairman of the Union Civil Service Board (UCSB), delivers a speech at the opening of the Civil Services Academy in Pyin Oo Lwin.

7 Faculties
Just in 100-day-period when the incumbent government took office, teaching types applied by central service universities were changed in accord with international universities’ standards, to upgrade the capacity of all staff. Out of six subjects taught previously, military training was deleted. English and IT(information & technology) were added to remaining five faculties—management, economy, political science, social science and law, hence it amounted to seven faculties.
Dr Win Thein said, “Military training was no longer included. It was substituted by language and other subject.”

Learning to value goodness
It is learnt that UCSB aims for service-men to learn to value criteria of a serviceperson—honesty, integrity, objectivity and impartiality.

Training staff from private enterprisesAnd, UCSB managed to simultaneously open Civil Service Academies in upper and lower Myanmar on 2nd January 2017, erecting an epoch-making pillar.
“Training workers from private sectors together with civil service personnel can make friendship between them strengthen more than ever, make them exchange experiences and ideas, and make fruitful results of carrying out duties and responsibilities transparently between two sectors,” said Dr Win Thein.
1st intake of post-graduate diploma in civil service management (PGDCSM) commenced to be opened. The course will be conducted two times a year.

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Dr Win Thein, chairman of Union Civil Service Board.
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Civil Services Academy in Pyin Oo Lwin.

Master Degree Classes
It is learnt that advanced diploma and master degree classes are being arranged to be opened in June 2018.
Dr Win Thein added, “It has been arranged to open Master of Leadership in Civil Service course for high ranking officials of directors and deputy director-general level in 2018 and to confer master degrees to them in 2019.
Another reform of amending law on civil servicemen that did not suit current situations was added to the performances in one-year period of the new government’s first tenure. Concerning this, 20 articles in all had been amended and it was signed by the President to be enacted on 9 December.

Cancellation of age-limit
According to UCSB, the amendment of law results in access to promotion depending upon qualifications and capacities of staff, and acquisition of more opportunities to perform needs of their families concerning education, health, economy and social affairs, due to cancellation of the prescription that a serviceman of 30 years service-age must reach 55 in applying for pension.
Preparation for amending rules and regulation
Following amendment of rules and regulations, as regards earned leave, a serviceman can save earned leave up to 2 months. Besides, a male serviceman whose wife is not a service person is eligible for having 2-week infant-care-leave.
“In assessing personnel for promotion, it was ordered for all assessors to abide by without any bias. And it has been being arranged to distribute newly-published ethic manual for service personnel to all servicepersons free of charge,” said Dr Win Thein.

Changing Selection System
UCSB now selected staff needed for departments and organizations by changing question types instead of civil service question types, by questioning Myanmar, English and general knowledge.
In training for promotion depending upon qualifications and for upgrading ethics of staff, it has been being transformed from Semi-Regimental Training Approach to Education and Competency Training Approach.

Getting Advices
Tasks to be performed are broad, so expertise has been acquired from workshops with EU(GOPA), Hanns Seidel Foundation, UNDP, United Nation International Training and Research (UNITAR).
Workshop on reassessment over regular training and courses conducted by Central Institutions of Civil Service, advisory workshop over establishment of Myanmar Civil Service Academy, workshop on compilation of strategic plan for public service personnel reforms, workshop on leadership capacity development, workshop on drawing up framework of designation of competency of staff and 2nd workshop in groups over reassessment for drawing up strategic plan for reform were held respectively.
Besides, other forums and workshops had been held.

Process to be performed further
In the process to be performed further by the UCSB, after one-year period, there include arrangements to release the strategic plan concerning reforms of civil service system, reassessment of law, rules and regulations of civil service personnel, holding workshop on Public Service Motivation with invited representatives from the (ASEAN Co-operation on Civil Service Matters—ACCSM) and Training of Trainers for teachers from the central Central Institutions of Civil Service Civil Service Universities.
Moreover, conducting short-term courses on leadership and administration for permanent secretary and director-general level high-ranking officials, courses on management for heads of organizations and institutions, opening trainings on management more than ever for officials, providing helps from KOICA for the development of quality of civil service personnel, opening short-term training courses for high-ranking officials, director-generals and permanent secretaries to conduct public policy, public management and public administration, starting from 2017-2018 are to be made.

Reliable Service Personnel for the People
On a general analysis of performances carried out during one-year period and the process to be performed further, they are found to be the tasks of producing good service men, becoming able and reliable service personnel, enjoying rights and benefits of staff according to law, developing honesty, responsibility and ethics and cultivating the habits of public-orientated approach.
Those who will serve duties assigned are of great need to provide services as hoped by the people, due to good aims and objectives of UCSB and public-orientated training.

Firm Belief
As a conclusion, Dr Win Thein, chairman of UCSB disclosed his belief that people would be disappointed if public civil service personnel lack willingness to serve the interest of the people.

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