Permission for broadcast campaigns of political parties


Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Union Election Commission
Notification (138/2020)

4th Waxing of Second Waso, 1382 ME
23rd July 2020

Permission for broadcast campaigns of political parties

1. The Union Election Commission has permitted to form political parties after scrutinizing their registrations. It has also released Notification (115/2020), dated on 1-7-2020, to announce the holding of 2020 General Election on 8 November.
2. The UEC will allow campaigns of the political parties on state-owned radio and televisions from 8-9-2020 to 6-11-2020.
3. In applying for permission of broadcast campaign, the chairperson or the secretary of a certain party shall submit a manuscript for the campaign, the name of speaker, position and contact phone numbers to the UEC by 22-8-2020. The manuscript must not exceed seven pages of A4 size paper in Pyidaungsu Font Size 13. If the broadcast campaign includes party song (audio/video), the two copies of disc and lyrics must be presented. If any political party will not conduct this broadcast campaign programme on state-owned radio and television, it must be informed to the UEC.
4. The UEC will discuss with relevant organizations about date and schedule for each political party for their broadcast campaign.
5. The UEC will review the manuscript to be presented as needed and,
(a) will issue permit or will ask to edit the manuscript before permission
(b) the name of speaker, time and date allowed by the UEC will be included in the permit
(c) before the date of shooting, the manuscript will be sent back to the applicant for editing with remarks and reasons, if necessary
6. For each broadcast campaign on the state-owned media, each political party will be allowed:
(a) maximum 15 minutes
(b) party song in these 15 minutes
(c) campaign in Myanmar or in ethnic language; if it is in ethnic language, the manuscript must be presented in Myanmar language too
7. Political parties must not violate any of the following rules for campaign on state-owned radio and television
(a) speech that can tarnish Non-disintegration of the Union; Non-disintegration of National Solidarity; Perpetuation of Sovereignty;
(b) speech that can disturb the security, rule of law and the peace and stability of the country
(c) speech that disrespects existing laws and the Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
(d) speech that defames the nation or tarnishes the image of the nation
(e) speech that brings about the disintegration of the Tatmadaw or defames the Tatmadaw
(f) speech or inciting that can cause racial or religious conflict or that can harm dignity and morality
(g) speech that exploits religions for politics
(h) incitement to obstruct the pursuance of peaceful education
(i) incitement to Civil Services personnel not to perform their duty or to oppose the government
8. In accordance with the laws, political parties can deliver electoral speeches explaining how to transform Myanmar into a peaceful and developed modern nation by carrying out their respective policy.
9. In order to make the multi-party democracy General Election (to be held on 8 November 2020) free and fair, the political parties can explain their respective policy, opinions and processes, and deliver their electoral speeches via state-owned radio and TV programmes, and the electoral speeches must comply with the regulations mentioned in this announcement.

Hla Thein
Union Election Commission

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