Petrochemical considered as one of top potentials for large scale chemical industries to develop in Myanmar


Myanmar has potential for large scale chemical industries and petrochemical industry is also one of the expected industries to develop in the country, according Ministry of Industry.
“For the development of petrochemical industry in Myanmar, mutual cooperation, investment, exchange of technology and other physical matters such as standardization procedure, chemical management policy are required,” said U Ye Mon, Managing Director of the Paper and Home Utility Industries under the Ministry of Industry in his opening speech at the 8th Regional Chemical Management Forum which kicked off in Yangon on Tuesday.
Myanmar has no large chemical factory nor multinational enterprises so far due to its lack of investment and technical know-how
The three-day forum hosted by Myanmar for the first time was organized by Swedish Chemical Agency (KEMI) and the forum is being participated by delegates from Sweden, Japan, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar, introducing specific chemicals management issues  to regional countries.
To foster the management of chemicals, Myanmar enacted “Prevention of Hazard from Chemicals and Related Substances Law” on 26 August, 2013 and Rules of the law has been submitted to Cabinet for approval,
Myanmar has a plan to declare the notification of the hazardous chemicals according to the International Conventions as following up action.
Myanmar is also considering to sign the Minamata Convention that purposes to phase out Mercury.
Myanmar’s Ministry of Industry has mainly carried out chemical management at factories, enacting law and rules for the chemical management.

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