Petrol drivers change CNG-powered taxi

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Taxis are pictured getting filled up with CNG at one gas outlet.

The taxi drivers prefer CNG-fuelled cars as the fuel prices become high, the taxi driver said.
“Today, the price of 92 is K2,265. We cannot get one gallon if we buy for K10,000. As the fuel prices are high, some taxi drivers change the CNG-fuelled facilities for their cars,” taxi driver Ko Htay Lin told the GNLM.
Although the drivers use CNG-fuelled cars, they also face difficulties such as queuing up at gas stations and inadequate pressure to fill CNG.
“If the CNG-fuelled cars buy only for K5,000, they can drive nearly the whole day. But, if they run out of CNG, they will stop anywhere. Although the fuel price is high, we can buy only one bottle of fuel, and we can drive as usual,” said Ko Tun Tun, an oil-fuelled taxi driver.
The rental fee of an oil-fuelled car is between K300,000 and K1 million depending on the type of car and the drivers have to pay K7,000/K8,000 per day to owners. The rental fee of CNG cars is K12,000/13,000 per day, the taxi drivers said.
“The CNG cars do not get higher prices. The passengers enjoy hiring CNG cars more than the oil-fuelled cars, especially the ones that turn on the air-con. We have to queue at CNG station since 4:30 am. Then, we have to do it again at 4 pm for next day. We cannot buy CNG like other kinds of fuel anywhere. Although we get back K25,000 for using K5,000 per cylinder, it does not make profits as we have to queue for a long time,” CNG car driver Htein Lin Thu told GNLM.
The petrol drivers have to buy between K15,000 and K20,000 at least per day and earn about an extra K15,000 in addition to the rental fees to the owner.
“Although the fuel price is high, we cannot ask for an extra K500/K1,000 from the passenger. We have to think of them. We have to consider the rental fees to be convenient for both of us,” petrol taxi driver Ko Tayoke.
On 10 June, the fuel prices of Yangon are K2,265 per litre for 92, K2,320 per litre for 95, K2,540 per litre for premium diesel and K2,570 per litre for diesel. — TWA/GNLM

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