Phlone-Sqaw Democracy Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Phlone Sqaw Democracy Party
Phlone-Sqaw Democracy Party
Phlone-Sqaw Democracy Party General Secretary Saw Kyi Lin presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes as follows:

I would like to express gratitude to the Union and the officials concerned for permitting Phlone-Sqaw Democracy Party to present its polity and work programs for the 2020 general election of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. I greet all the people and nationalities, including those of the religious order and wish them health, happiness and safety, especially from Covid-19.

Nationalities lost liberty, equality, and peace because of the intrusion, administration and influence of various systems including feudalism, colonialism, fascism and socialism all along with the history. People sacrificed a lot of life and blood for anti-colonialism drive, national liberation drive and peace and prosperity, and restored the nation’s dignity as an independent and sovereign state in the world on 4 January 1948.

Loss of liberty
If the world is free from partiality, persecution, intimation, discrimination, aggression and exploitation, there will be no conflicts such as hostilities and battles between one side and another, one group and another, one community and another and one country and another, and because of the conflicts, people are losing all their human rights.

We will respect human rights, and will never disregard them. The party will observe and value the codes of conducts of humanity with respect. We will discard cruelty and will seek answers through peaceful means. We promise freedom of expression and freedom of profession, occupation, trade and business. People should be free form anxiety, fear, and insufficiency. We will strive for the restoration of eternal peace, and the emergence of a democratic federal Union aspired by the nationalities with the noble wish. All the pledges, as mentioned earlier, are the loud and clear declaration of the Phlone-Sqaw Democracy Party.

Our bold participation
We place in the fore unity and sustainability and take part in the election for the flourishing of the cardinal virtues — justice, liberty and equality – in the country as voting is included in the rights of the people. We boldly participate in the election as our voices and concerns for the people can be heard only if we are elected to at least one of houses of the parliament.

Our party has adopted the
1. The International policy for global peace
2. The policy of bilateral cooperation and relations
3. The policy of peaceful co-existence
Moreover, we will exercise a political system that is totally free from violence and authoritarian administration.

The party observes the five codes of conducts of humankind — freedom from torture, truthfulness, abstain from stealing, noble practice, and refrain from taking possession. It is a pioneer of the aristocratic society where moral conducts are valued.
It is a party joined forces by the people who can make the sacrifice in the interest of the nation and the people.

Fundamental points of the policy
They are as follows:
1. We will conserve the literature, language, traditions and customs of Kayin people
2. We will strive for the flourishing of the liberty-related rights, self-determination, original rights and democratic rights not only in the Kayin society but also in all the related communities.
3. We will make utmost efforts for ensuring national solidarity, equality, truth, justice and peace in building a genuine democratic federal Union
4. We will oppose and end bullying practices to create an independent, peaceful and prospering life for the entire Kayin people as well as the whole of national people.
5. We will strive for the interest of the whole Kayin people and for providing them with social benefits under the law without causing harm to anyone.
6. We will provide legal protection for the entire Kayin people to save them from harmful policies and actions
7. We will strive to develop political, economic and social sectors of the Kayin as a whole race in accord with the modern age

Today, all the societies have their own outlook and conviction, and all the judgments are based on the two because it is their inborn right.
Today, every international community is facing hardships because of the absence of knowledge, and the presence of greed, frequent natural disaster and diseases. It will be hard to deny that they are the results of wrong policies and wrong development plans, and the consequence is the rise in the conflicts and problems in human societies. Because of those ill consequences, unity breaks up, and the whole society is under the threat of intrusion and aggression.
To save the country from falling into such trends, the party places in the force non-disintegration of Union, non-disintegration of national solidarity and perpetuation of sovereignty based on equality, justice, liberty, prosperity and progress among the entre Kayin community and the entire nationalities.

Mission and work programme
The party lays down the work program based on the following points.
1. To realize the rights of Kayin people in cooperation with the elected Kayin State government in accord with the Constitution
2. To serve the interest of Kayin people living in the Kayin State and other places in accord with the law
3. To take part in the free and fair election to effectively serve affairs of the Kayin people
4. The Kayin State-based Phlone-Sqaw Democracy Party will extend its structure to reach Mon State, Taninthayi Region, Bago Region, Yangon Region, Ayeyawady Region and Mandalay Region in serving the interest of Kayins there.
5. The party will seek means for all the Kayin people in and outside Kayin State to join hands in the interest of Kayin people harmoniously.
6. The party will help the entire people to have the self-determination in economic and social affairs in accord with the law.
7. The party embraces the non-hatred and non-violence policy and has laid down the programs for national solidarity.
The stance of the party, and the conclusion part
The following points are its stance
1. To respect human rights
2. To respect non-violence, truth and justice
3. To support global peace through fair and friendly cooperation
4. To oppose and end all injustice together with the people through peaceful means
5. To keep the conservation and prospection of long-preserved traditions and culture of Myanmar nationalities
6. To strive together with the people to free everyone from fear and for the flourishing of truth, non-violence and justice
7. To join hands with the people in successfully ending unfair treatment, exploitation, manipulation, abuse of power, oppression through non-violent means
8. To observe the non-bullying practice and to stay away from inhuman discrimination, partiality and social abandonment
9. To deal with every issue with respect, fairness and transparency
10. To strengthen the spirit of self-contentment and free the society from poverty through consideration, analysis, inquiry, thoughts and ventures (knowledge, wisdom, courage)
11. To overcome the oppression through efforts and sacrifices
12. To strive together with the nationalities of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to ensure the sustainability of peace and tranquillity, unity, equality, development and eternal peace
13. To protect the country from all political policies that may destroy the national interest or the race, dangerous ideologies or wrong deeds in accord with the law.
14. To strive to develop and the political, economic and social sectors of the entire people to meet the requirements of the modern age
15. To seek with magnanimity to build a genuine democratic federal Union together with all the nationalities while upholding the national policy of non-hatred and non-violence and placing in the fore majority interest and disregarding the self-interest.
We want to inform the voters that the party will take part in the election in
1. Kawhmu Township Pyithu Hluttaw constituency in Yangon Region
2. Mingala Taungnyunt Township constituency of Yangon Region Hluttaw
3. Pyinmana Township Pyithu Hluttaw constituency in Nay Pyi Taw Council Area
The party makes a solemn promise that it will strive for the flourishing of the cardinal virtues keeping in mind the three noble realities of democracy — liberty, unity and justice – for ensuring freedom of liberty, freedom expression, and freedom of profession, occupation, trade and business under any situation without going against the law.
May all the people, including the monks, enjoy good health and happiness and overcome Covid-19 pandemic.

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