Photo documentation obtained for Mt Popa gliding gecko, only Myanmar species

Popa gliding gecko, a species of gliding gecko found only in Myanmar in the world, has been recorded at Mt. Popa, said an official from Native Species Conservation and Identification in Myanmar (NSCI).
Various species of gliding geckos are believed to have inhabited other areas in addition to Popa. However, photo records could only be made in Popa so far, and others found in some areas are different species, he said.
“They are called gliding geckos because they paraglide with their skin flap from one tree to another while climbing down tall trees or while finding prey, not jumping down immediately. They are believed to have existed at Mt Popa, Mandalay Region and its surroundings and Bago Yoma and connected areas, but at present, we can make records only at Mt Popa, and most of the geckos in other areas are found in different species. But we can’t say it is found only at Popa in Myanmar because they may have existed in other areas close to Popa, such as Bagan. However, we have not received any record yet,” he said.
The gliding gecko is about the same size as a normal gecko, is non-venomous, and has small insects as its main food.
The gliding gecko species, which has been recorded now, hide among trees and tree holes during the day and go to find food at night.
“Its original species are not abundantly found. So far, no rampant poaching has been found. Sometimes, when they were found accidentally, they were captured and sent to China to be eaten. So far, there has been no particular trade on them,” he said.
The species that has been currently recorded is rare, and NSCI urged people to let them live naturally and not catch or kill them. — MT/ZS

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