Police arrest suspects involved in attack on security forces

Security forces were attacked with homemade bombs and small arms while conducting a patrol in Thandata Ward of Sangyoung Township of Yangon Region on 9 September.
According to the report of the people, security forces raided room No (41) of No (70) building in Pikelone Street of Myoma Ward in Bahan Township on 15 September and arrested Kyaw Soe Lin (aka) Michael, Zaw Lin Tun and Sithu Phyo (aka) Zin Ko.
According to the confession of the suspects, the police inspected Super Luck teashop in No (4) Ward of Hline Township and arrested Thae Maung Maung and Aung Pyae together with one MG-1 grenade, 5 homemade bombs and other materials.

Moreover, the police arrested Wai Yan (aka) Wai Yan Paing, Kyaw Kyaw Khant and Ye Yint Ko (aka) Ye Ye in Aung Chan Thar Street of No (5) Ward in Kamayut Township while La Min Tun (aka) Ah Moon at Sangyoung street in Sangyoung Township together with one 9mm pistol, 68 bullets, one MG-1 grenade and 3 mobile phones.
According to the words of suspect La Min Tun, the security forces arrested Bo Bo (aka) Y2B near City Mart in South Okkalapa Township and raided his house in Sangyoung Township and seized one AK-47 rifle, 2 magazines, 60 5.56 bullets, one MG-1 grenade, 25 homemade bombs, 2 detonators and other explosives.
Moreover, another suspect Sithu (aka) Dennis was dmnetained at Khine Shwe Wah Street of Kamayut Township.
According to the confession of La Min Tun, the police raided Room No 35 of No 22 building of Pyi Yeik Mon Housing in No (7) Ward of Kamayut Township and arrested Aung Thiha Hein, Cherry Bo Kyi Naing, Arkar Kyaw Htoo and Wai Yan Tun Oo together with 1 SIG Sauger pistol, 2 magazines and 19 Luger bullets.

According to the words of Wai Yan Tun Oo, the security forces went to the house of Arkar Kyaw Htoo in No (3) Ward of Kamayut and seized one MK-12, 5 12-volt bullets, 5 9mm bullets, one 91 grenade and one each of small and big magazines.
The police also raided the house located in No (3) Ward of Kamayut township on 16 September based on the words of La Min Tun. They arrested Myo Wunna Min, Aye Myat Thwe and Ye Myint Aung together with 1 FGC-9 MkII, 59 mm bullets and 1 drone.
The police arrested a total of 18 people — 16 males and 2 females and seized 5 firearms, 166 bullets, 4 kinds of grenades, 5 kinds of magazines, 30 homemade bombs and 1 drone.
Among the suspects, La Min Tun, Ye Yint Ko, Wai Yan Paing, Sithu Phyo, Zaw Lin Tun, Kyaw Soe Lin, Kyaw Swar Thein, Ye Thu, Nyein Chan and Ko Zin completed the explosive training in KNLA Brigade 6 controlled area.

Moreover, Zaw Lin Tun, Wai Yan Paing, Ye Yint Ko, Kyaw Soe Lin, Sithu Phyo and Kyaw Kyaw Khant formed Generation Freedom Army (GFA) and Sithu Phyo and Kyaw Soe Lin conducted a bomb attack on the ward administration body office near the railway in Baho street of Sangyoung Township on 9 May, the ward administration body office in Kyuntaw street in Mote Lat Hsaung Ward (South) in Sangyoung Township on 15 May, education officer office at the top of Thiri Mingala Market on 9 July, Hijet car in front of Kaung Thar beer Pub in Baho street of Sangyoung Township in August, police housing in Kamayut Township on 4 September and CCTV Control box near Sprit store in Myaynigone of Sangyoung on 6 September.
Moreover, Wai Yan Tun Oo also conducted bomb attacks near Mar Lar bus stop in Kamayut Township on 8 June, traffic police station under Myaynigon Flyover on 1 July according to the instructions of former Pyithu Hluttaw MP Pyo Zeyar Thaw (still at large) of NLD and Ei Ngon Phoo (a) Holly. Similarly, Bo Bo, La Min Tun and Ko Phyo (still at large) conducted bomb attacks near Bandarpin bus stop in front of Delta Plaza in Bahan Township on 27 August, near Halpin bus stop in Dagon Township and Bo Bo, La Min Tun, Ko Pyo (still at large) and Zin Yaw (still at large) also exploded Mytel towers in Mya Theintan Monastery in Pyinmapin Village-tract and in 10th Karya street of Thingangyun Gyi Village in Mingaladon Township on 29 August.
The GFA conducted arson attacks in Mote Lat Hsaung Ward (South) of Sangyoung Township on 4 August.
Moreover, the GFA members Wai Yan Paing, Zaw Lin Tun, Kyaw Kyaw Khant, Kyaw Soe Lin, Sithu Phyo and Ye Yint Ko checked the condition and Aung Nyein Chan (still at large) stabbed one traffic police to death in at Thiri Mingala market on 13 August.
Moreover, Kyaw Soe Lin shot innocent civilian U July Myo Min who lives in No (1) Ward of Hline Township on 2 September.
On 9 September, Aung Nyein Chan (still at large) and Kyaw Soe Lin opened fire to a security vehicle that patrolled in Thandata Ward of Sangyoung Township on 9 September and Ye Yint Ko threw a homemade bomb into that car. Zaw Lin Tun, Thae Maung Maung, Sithu Phyo and Aung Pyae scouted the situation.
The suspects were found guilty of committing 12 explosions, 1 arson attack and 3 murder cases.
The arrested suspects will face legal actions under the law. The security force will also investigate to arrest the absconders. Moreover, announcements are also released that the entire people can participate in fight terrorism and arresting perpetrators as quickly as possible, secretly report to the officials about their hiding places and activities, and the whistle-blowers and those who help arrest the suspects will be covertly rewarded. — MNA


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