Police on full alert in Maungtaw to restore rule of law

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Isuz (a) Paing Pyae Sone.

While a resident living in Aung Mingalar ward of Sittway illegally left the designated place for shopping, local nationals detained him. The police dispersed the crowd who gathered to see him at a local police station.
The event was that Isuz (a) Paing Pyae Sone residing in Aung Mingalar ward of Sittway left the designated place by bike to go shopping in other area, 3 local nationals found him leave and they arrested Isuz. While keeping him in the police custody, some people gathered to witness the event, amounting to some 30 people. So, the police kept the situation under control and handed over Paing Pyae Sone to village elders, it was learnt.
On September 11, at 3:30 am a flame was found on the roof of the house of U Nyunt Tha Aung of Thingazar village in Minbya township. On receipt of the information, the combined force came to investigate the event, finding that the seized two cans was a kind of explosives stuffed inside.
At about 6 am on 10 September, a dead body arrived at the Taungpyo Letwe hospital. The corpse was learnt to be a man named Dimar Mauk (a) Battar aged 49, living in 1st ward of Taungpyo Letwe. On 26 August at about 4:40 pm security forces searched for 3 terrorists who arrived at the ward, ARSA extremist terrorists started to fire at security forces. During the security forces’ counter attack, he was said to have been shot dead.
It was learnt that on September 10 at about 1:15 pm security forces of Kyee Kyun outpost in Maungtaw township seized two long boats with 16 people and a corpse on board. The 16 people included 1 man, 3 women and 8 children and 4 other suspects including Zarhat Tusaung living in Gone Nar village.—Myanmar News Agency

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