Police need public participation

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There is only one policeman for 1,200 people. Exactly speaking, one policeman is taking the security duty of 1274 persons. This ratio of one is to 1200 is far low when compared to countries having only 400 persons for a policeman to take care of. This is an internationally accepted standard ratio which developed countries keep for maintenance of law and order. Obviously, Myanmar policemen are overburdened with security duty.
Again, Yangon Region Police Commander, in his first 100-day plan under the incumbent government, has incorporated four tasks which comprise crime suppression, fight against drug trafficking, discharging, acquitting and closing of politics related cases concerning the political prisoners, political activists and prisoners of conscience and offering quality service to the public.
Yangon region has an area of 4000 square miles inhabited by 7.4 million people but has a strength of 5700 or so policemen to enforce law and order. No doubt, the overburdened police will be badly in need of cooperation on the part of departmental personnel concerned and the public. Despite this situation of being understaffed, Yangon Region Chief Minister called on Yangon police to exert strenuous effort to prevent criminal gangs from dominating Yangon territory at a meeting held on 10 May, adding that security challenges are needed to overcome.
In the post nargis era, Yangon was forced to receive migrants. With increased migration into Yangon region, there has arisen the number of outbreak of crimes, ranging from misdemeanours to felonies, rendering the public vulnerable to attacks by individual thugs and rogues as well as gangsters, who commit the organized crimes.
In this regard, it is worth recalling that crime suppression can be successful only with the active participation of the people. As long as people are harbouring the criminals or at least giving them a protection just out of pity for them, the police will find it difficult to protect the life and property of the people.

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