Police to toughen stance on ‘disruptive elements’


Anarchical activist groups passing themselves off as peaceful organisations will be exposed and legal action taken, according to a statement from Colonel Tin Aung Htun, Minister for Security and Border Affairs for Yangon Region.
The Yangon regional government will not only expose and press legal charges against labour camp escapees, escapees from policy custody, military deserters and undesirables hiding themselves in squatter settlements, but also those anarchical types passing themselves off as members of peaceful organisations.
“These kinds of people are scarce amongst genuine organisations. But there are those anarchical groups of people who, after breaking the law, ostensibly work for peaceful organisations but only as front for making money. These groups will be exposed and legal action taken against them in accordance with the law,” stated Colonel Tin Aung Htun.
U Phyo Min Thein, Yangon Region Chief Minister, has said that those peaceful organisations concerned will be informed of the instances of anarchical behaviour by those attempting to mask themselves as peaceful organisation.
“There are some instances of these people, in which called peace organisations, attributing themselves military abbreviations and wearing a uniform before acting as they please. It really impacts negatively on the reputation of genuine peace organisations. We’ve informed peace organisations of such people. It’s a misuse of a peace organisation’s name,” said U Phyo Min Thein.
As well as instructing those involved in business operations whilst sheltering in squatter settlements – such as the opening of liquor bars – to make themselves scarce in a timely manner, security and administration sectors will be ramped up in a bid to mitigate unexpected anarchical behaviour from arising during the surveying of squatter settlements, while submissions will be made to Union Government to allow for an increase in legal action to be taken, should it be deemed necessary.

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