Police vehicle attacked by rocks, slingshots and knife in Shwepyitha

A police vehicle transporting a patient to hospital was attacked and one civilian was killed during the shootout in Shwepyitha township on 20 February.

Upon the information received of U Ko Ko Naing lived in Aung Zay Yandanar street, Na/14 ward, Shwepyitha, who was injured from the quarrel for striking pan to make noise in the neighbourhood, police went to transport the injured to the hospital. When they arrived in front of the ward administration office on Bandulla road Ta/15 ward in Shwepyitha township, about 20 people stopped the vehicle and attacked with rocks, slingshots and knives. Two police officers were injured and the vehicle was also damaged. A police officer fired shots into the air to disperse the people and one was killed by a gunshot.

Shwepyitha township is one of the townships in Yangon Region which has been imposed under the Section 144 of Criminal Procedure which prohibits assembly of more than five people, protests, destroying and violent acts. People who involved in this attack will be taken into action in accordance with the law and the security force members are working day and night for the community peace.—MNA

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