Political dialogues are continuation of war by other means

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War is the continuation of politics by other means, according to Carl von Clausewitz, a Prussian general and renowned military theorist. It can therefore be said that armed conflicts break out between parties when political problems cannot be solved through negotiations.
However, when armed conflicts cannot solve the political problems in the long run, they put innocent people in jeopardy and hurt the development of a country as a whole. As a result, people have to turn again to the negotiation table to solve the political problems.
It is therefore important to solve the political issues completely when the opportunity for negotiation can be grasped. When opposing sides come to the negotiating table in search of an agreement, all stakeholders are required to make certain compromises, in the interests of the people.
Otherwise, the continuation of politics will become war again, and people will suffer social woes in the ongoing cycle. Political dialogues may be the continuation of war by other means, but they affect the people of a country positively. They can pave the way for sustainable peace for a country and put it on a development path.

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