Political resolution of 70th anniversary Independence Day

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  • Due to the dogmatic political belief among some Burmese leaders that Independence won through negotiations with the British Imperialists will never be genuine, Myanmar was engulfed by civil war just as the country was about to gain Independence. Flames of the civil war which started from political dogmatism spread to other sections of Myanmar’s political life. As a result, the country experienced aggression in the form of Kuomintang forces who settled down on Myanmar territory. With the political instability in the country, there occurred splits in the ruling AFPFL, causing loss of faith and trust in the party.
    At this time General Ne Win staged a coup d’etat in March 1962 and many months later established the BSPP – Burma Socialist Program Party. This regime ruled the country by exercising a one-party system. On account of the wrong economic system—Socialist Economic System which did not agree with the country’s actual situations Myanmar’s national economy completely collapsed. Thus the whole country became a huge market for Thailand’s products. Thus, the Myanmar economy plunged and the country dropped down to the lowest level of poverty in the world. As the socio-economic life of the people became unbearable, the people of Myanmar united to demand that the socialist government step down from power.
    To restore law and order, the Tatmadaw took over the reins of power and pledged to bring about stability and rule of law. This government was called the SLORC – State Law and Order Restoration Council. The SLORC was followed by the SPDC – State Peace and Development Council. These governments followed a market economic system and a certain amount of economic liberalization was implemented. Compared to the era of the socialist government the national economy developed to some extent, but the gap between the rich and the poor in the country became too great. There was a certain amount of improvement in the economy but Myanmar’s economy still lagged behind compared with other countries in ASEAN.
    In the 2010 general elections a civilian government was formed according to the 2008 Constitution. With the NLD’s participation in the 2012 by-election implementation of the political reforms were initiated. In the 2015 general elections the NLD led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi won a landslide victory.
    The first-ever democratic civilian government led by the NLD was left with the good and evil heritages experienced during the period of 70 years after gaining Independence. To put it simply according to the actual situations in the history, Myanmar inherited evil legacies left by the previous governments. The 70th anniversary of the Independence Day highlights us that we will have yet to make concerted efforts for strengthening the foundations of democracy in the country. Here we would like to say that we must commit ourselves to implementing the establishment of a Federal Democratic Republic which will guarantee democratic rights for all the ethnic national Union citizens on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Myanmar Independence Day.
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