Politics is a form of humanism


By Kyaw Thura

IT is ridiculous to hold the view that politics is solely the concern of politicians. We should have no illusion about the importance of politics. The illusion in this sense is the difference between what we believe and what is true.
We all elect representatives to parliament to form a government in the hope that they will best fulfill our desires and that they will keep their election promises. This, in fact, is a political illusion. Contrary to our expectations, the machinery of government is most of the time ineffective and inefficient.
Not surprisingly, no political system or government is able to keep us safe from danger, even in mature democracies. Frequent newspaper headlines speak of vicious crimes such as shootings, rapes, murders, robberies and young thugs bullying or killing people in broad daylight.
To counter these terrible consequences, we must all change our mindsets. Entering politics does not suggest seeking personal gain. It should therefore be noted that politics is a platform for serving the interests of the people from different social strata. To put it another way, politics is a form of humanism.
There is every reason to believe that a responsible and accountable government is not an impossible dream. All the electorate is thus required to be mindful that it votes for the right people who are interested in the affairs of their own constituencies and the country as a whole.

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