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Pork and chicken prices surge due to raw materials, transport costs

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The prices of pork and chicken have risen due to the increased costs of raw materials and transport. The pork price has risen from under K10,000 per viss to between K12,000 and K18,000 per viss in the market. If traders come and pick up the pork at the pig farms in towns, the price is around K6,000 pe viss, whereas K7,400 in Yangon and K7,500 in Bago.
In addition, due to increased consumption of chicken and rising chick feed prices, the price at chicken farms is at K5,500 per viss in Yangon, K5,300 in Mandalay, and between K4,800 and K5,500 in other regions/states. It is traded at K7,000 per viss in the market. — TWA/GNLM

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