Potatoes from Sinbyukyun enters Yangon market at cheap prices

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A worker is sorting out the potatoes in Pakokku market.

According to the Yangon potato market, potatoes from Sinbyukyun area have only entered the Yangon potato market for about three months, and the price was low.
It is learnt that Sinbyukyun potatoes have entered the Yangon market since 9 February 2023, except April before the Thingyan holidays.
While potatoes from the Sinbyukyun area dominate the domestic potato market for about three months, only Shan potatoes such as Heho (black) and Aungban (yellow) are primarily arriving at the market during the rest of the period. Other varieties of potatoes and imported potatoes also enter the market occasionally.
Chinese potatoes enter the market more often and are more expensive than domestic ones, depending on the time of year. Potatoes from India sometimes enter the Yangon market, but the prices are low and less popular with buyers.
On 14 October 2022, the wholesale price of Shan Aungban potatoes and Chinese potatoes were K2,200 and K2,400 per viss. It is reported that the price of potatoes in the domestic potato market did not increase despite the arrival of kitchen goods, including onions and potatoes, from abroad.
In 2022, the price of onions was much higher than the normal price due to their export. While the price of onions rose to around K5,000 per viss in early December 2022, domestic potato prices were only K2,200 in 2022, but Chinese potatoes were at K2,500.
In early 2023, when the Sinbyukyun potatoes entered the market, the wholesale price of large-sized potatoes (S1) was K1,900 per viss, and the largest-sized potatoes (S2 and S3) were priced at K1,300 per viss.
In the local kitchen goods market, most of the hoarders of onions, garlic, pepper, sugar, rice, and oil made a lot of profit, but the profit in the potato market was still low, a trader said. — TWA/CT

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