Potential prospects for Myanmar’s future

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • The State Counselor gave a speech regarding efforts made by the Government for national reconciliation and the peace process, at the Myanmar International Convention Center 2 in Nay Pyi Taw at 10 am on 19 September 2017. All diplomats accredited to Myanmar were present at the ceremony as well as Union Ministers and senior government officials. Myanmar citizens all over the country watched and listened to the State Counsellor’s speech which was broadcast live on national television as well as on FM radio stations.
    The speech delivered in English seemed to have been designed to make our people and those from the international community well convinced of the actualities regarding Myanmar affairs. And, it was very encouraging and heart-warming to have seen our people listen to her speech enthusiastically.
    In her address, the State Counsellor emphasized that the ultimate goal of all Myanmar citizens was peace and stability of the nation, peaceful democratic transition and national development. She made an appeal to international community and all friends of Myanmar to understand and take heart-felt consideration for the national aims and the problems that the country was now facing. She disclosed that constructive new ways and means were urgently needed to be sought for national peace and stability. These are the facts and suggestions of great importance to be implemented.
    At present, the most important thing is the affairs in the Rakhine State. The government is dealing strictly with humanitarian matters which are now being discussed by the international community, in accordance with the law. The State Counsellor invited the diplomats to come and see the actual situations on the ground, adding that displaced people who fled to Bangladesh would be accepted after scrutinizing their documents, in accord with the 1993 Agreement.
    The nationwide address made by the State Counsellor will surely reduce worries of the international community, because it can point out constructively to accept genuine facts, without pessimistic views on Myanmar, and simultaneously it can make the world know the government’s actual performance in dealing with Rakhine Affairs and peace and stability of the Rakhine State.
    In building up the nation, Myanmar is presently facing many challenges and difficulties, and the Union Government is solving them in a systematic way.
    If and when any nation or any community wants Myanmar’s well-being they need to willingly and actively participate in Myanmar affairs with optimistic minds.
    It seems that the international community views Rakhine State affairs only from the narrow perspective of human rights and the rights of only one particular type of people professing a particular religious belief. They seem to have forgotten or have chosen to ignore that fact that many other people live in the Rakhine State such as Hindus and some other ethnic national races which have been equally affected by the recent attacks of the ARSA terrorists. The events in the Rakhine State are important and urgent no doubt, but peace and stability in other parts of Myanmar are equally important for the stability and prosperity of the whole country.
    To sum it up, the speech made by the State Counsellor provided a good summary of the events in the Rakhine State and the opinions and positions of the Union Government on the recent events. So, we firmly believe that it would go a long way to clear up any existing misunderstandings over Myanmar, thus bringing about effective co-operation from the part of the international community in general and the diplomatic corps in particular.
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