Political power for aggrandizement is Machiavellian power politics, which plan, plot and make schematic stratagems for power, position, prestige, possessions and pride.
Political power for national development is Gandhian power politics, which plan and strive for power, peace, progress, prosperity for the people and the planet.
Power means:    (1)    Ability to do or act
(2)    Vigor, force, strength
(3)     Authority, influence (a)
Legal authority (b)
(4)     Physical force, energy (electric power)
(5)     A person or thing having great influence, authority or force
(6)     A nation, especially one dominating others
Politics means: (1)    The science of government
(2)    Political affairs
(3)     Political methods, tactics
(4)     Political opinions, principles, etc.
(5)     Factional scheming for power
Democracy means:    (1)    Greek, demos meaning the people and kratein meaning to rule, or kratos meaning power, meaning government by the people, directly or by representatives.
(2)    A country etc. with such government,
(3)     Equality of rights, opportunity and treatment.
– Oxford Dictionary
Let us further consider the Power Politics in the following manner:
P    for    People-centred Power
O    for    Organs of Power
W    for    War & Peace
E    for    Ethical & Fair Power
R    for    Resources
P    for    Peace, Progress & Prosperity
O    for    Opportunities for National Development
L    for    Love of the Country
I    for    Integrity-driven
T    for    Total Democracy Development
I    for    Insight & Focus
C    for    Commitment
S    for    Strategy
People-centred Power
In democracy, the ultimate source of power (State Power) is the broad masses of the people. In this world of ours, everything is transient. Nothing is permanent. In the impermanent, imperfect and insubstantial life in this world, what is of enduring, real value? In the oceans, the waves are transient; they just rise and fall. Only the waters are enduring and real. In the same way, leaders come and go; only the people remain; Only the people are enduring and substantial.
It is said that power grabbing is like chasing a mirage. A mirage means optical illusion produced by atmospheric conditions; an illusory thing.
We should always remember that when a man comes into the world, he brings nothing with him; and when he leaves the beloved world, he takes nothing with him, (with the exception of his karma/ kamma, of cource.)
Organs of Power
The organs of the State Sovereign Power are:
The Executive (government)
The Legislature
The Judiciary
The three entities must be separate, independent centres of power. The troika of power must exist as the instruments of check and balance to each other, always holding high the interests of the people and the country first.
War & Peace
All the democratic forces are required to stop, avoid and abandon war on the one hand, and adopt, nurture and cultivate peace on the other. War is, in fact, an instrument of expansionist policy of the imperialists. In other words, war is a continuation of the expansionist policy by violent means. The forces of democracy always opt for peace, freedom and independence. In fact, peace is the original, natural condition of human beings.
In the game of Power Politics, most of the players believe that the end justifies the means. They choose not to distinguish between;
Cause & Effect
Means & End
Good & Bad
Right & Wrong
Noble & Wicked
Clean & Corrupt
Pure & Contaminated
Authentic & Copycat
In democracy, only ethical and fair power should prevail.
Without resources, there cannot be substantial powers. The source of human powers such as, political, economic, social or cultural ultimately lies in the endowment of the natural resources in addition to the human resource which is the source of the greatest power in the human affairs. All the nation’s human and natural resources must be harnessed, nurtured, cultivated and developed for the country. If the natural resources in Myanmar could be relatively fully exploited by the intelligence and diligence powers of the Myanmar people, Myanmar would become a powerful country to be reckoned with in the international and regional arenas.
ALL THE PLAYERS OF POWER POLITICS MUST BE PROACTIVELY POSITIONED ON PROMOTING PEACE, PROGRESS AND PROSPERITY OF THE PEOPLE. If you ask a person which would he/ she prefer from the following two alternatives, what do you think . . . . he/ she would answer?
Peace    or    Prevalence of War/ Conflict
Progress    or    Primitive Conditions
Prosperity    or    Poverty/ Penury
I think every human being with a good, humane heart would choose the alternative of Peace, Progress and Prosperity of the People.
Democracy is the political system in which the opportunities for national development can be most practically available to explore and exploit to the most advantageous benefits for all the people as well as for the entire country. If you make some survey or research about the most advanced and developed countries in terms of peace, wealth, education, health, culture and stability, the top places of the list will be occupied by the most democratic countries in the world. Democratic countries have less obstructions and more opportunities for national development and modernization.
In the matter of power politics, love of the Motherland matters most. Machiavellian doctrine advocates the allurement of state power, and strategy and tactics of getting and keeping state power. But true democrats are no Machiavellians. True democrats are never power maniacs or power mongers. All the democracy advocates and supporters are great lovers of their Motherland. They love their Motherland with a ruling passion. Every citizen who has been born and brought up in the Motherland should love it with all his/ her mind, with all his/ her heart, with all his/ her strength. He or she should sing: “How do I love thee, Motherland? Let me count the ways!”.
In power politics, it is said to the effect that “you don’t hesitate to eat the tail or the head that is cooked”. But there usually are sandalwood trees where there are more numerous various trees; and there are pearls of value as there are sand dunes. In Myanmar, there is a very commonly used saying that there are human bones in a cemetery, meaning people become honest only when they have been buried in a cemetery. Power, political or state, allures, entices, attracts, excites, charms the humans so much so that one will not think twice to excavate the forehead of one’s own father for wealth or power, it is commonly said in Myanmar.
Total democracy development means:
Personal democracy development
Interpersonal democracy development
Operational democracy development
Managerial democracy development
Organizational democracy development
National democracy development
In building democracy, we must have the insight that the ultimate source of political and state power is the people. And in everything we do for the establishment of democracy we must be clearly focused on peace, progress and prosperity of the broad masses of the people. Machiavellian strategy of power politics is focused on wealth, power and armed might aiming for the aggrandizement of sovereign power. Gandhian strategy of power politics is clearly focused on people power, peace, progress and prosperity of the people.
On the part of all the people who always steadfastly stand for the prevalence of democracy, total commitment to nurturing, cultivating and practicing democratic practices, democratic tradition, and democratic politics and social culture must be consistently maintained, strengthened and consolidated. All the people at the vanguard of the democracy movement must be clearly and dearly true to democracy and valiantly walk the talk.
The strategy of power politics in democracy should be:
Faith in democracy,
Focus on establishing democracy, and
Fight for democracy
Political power ultimately rests with the people. At the end of the day, the national and state sovereign power must be collectively exercised by the Troika of the National Sovereign Power by the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary on the principle of the government of the people, by the people, for the people.
All ends well that ends well.
Long live democracy!

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