Power rotation system back in Yangon

Electric sskm 1
Workers repair electric transformers.  Photo: YESC

The Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation announced that there will be power cuts in some townships of the Yangon Region and the power will be distributed under the rotation system as there are some problems with the National Power Grid.
Starting 9 am on 29 July, the divided Groups A and B will have access to power as before, the Yankin EPC posted on its Facebook page.
At about 5 pm on 28 July, a fault occurred in the 230 kV Mansan-Shwesayan power line and it was found that Tower No 613 swayed during the timely inspection, the statement said.
For such fault in the 230 kV power line, the Shweli power plant reduced about 300 mW of power production. Therefore, it needs to conduct emergency load consumption reduction in Yangon to ensure a stable power system during the low power production period and so there will be temporary power blackouts in some townships or areas and it will also be careful not to occur blackouts in major places, the YESC announced.
Currently, the people face power cuts in some townships, according to the residents.
The YESC divided into two groups to distribute power in Yangon and some townships also faced temporary power cuts while felling the trees. — TWA/GNLM

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