Practice harmony among one’s deed, mind, season and food: President


The following are the excerpts from the message sent by U Thein Sein, President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, to the 16th Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners’ Conference

The Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners’ Conference has been held without fail since 2000 and this year marks the 16th anniversary. During the fifteen-year period, the old and the new generation traditional medicine practitioners have had a chance to share their experiences through the spirit of friendship and amity. I would like to extend my warmest greetings to all the representatives to the conference at such a time of holding the Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners’ Conference. I wish the representatives to this conference and all the traditional medicine practitioners, who are in harmony and friendship with the aspiration to raise the health standard of the people sharing experience with positive attitude, may hand down the good heritage of Myanmar traditional medicines to generations to come.
I strongly believe that at the conferences, the Ministry of Health, those from the management and treatment fields under the Traditional Medicine Department, members of the Traditional Medical Council, representatives from Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners’ Association, traditional medicine practitioners representatives from four corners of the country and representative professionals related to the traditional medicines would surely bring about the development of the Myanmar traditional medicine.
It is natural that some works can be carried out in a short period of time, but some need time to develop a sector in a society. The successive governments tried their utmost to uplift Myanmar traditional medicines which is the heritage handed down by the ancestors. Harmonious cooperation of the traditional medicine practitioners with the government plays an important role in promoting the quality and augmenting the prestige of Myanmar traditional medicines. It is sure that through this cooperation public health care can be enhanced.
Nowadays, the government, respecting the desires of the people, and hand in hand with them is advocating reforms in the country. Delegates of the traditional medicine practitioners to this conference play an important role in providing health care to the public. The delegates, applying their professions, are to double their efforts for ensuring health and fitness of the people.  Myanmar people relied on, are still relying on and will definitely be relying on traditional medicines in which they put their trusts because they are the ones who honour and adore their lineage and religion as precious heritages handed down by their ancestors. As Myanmar people attach great importance to the traditional medicine all the delegates to this conference are urged to join hands with the government in preserving and promoting the Myanmar traditional medicines.
Today, a firm foundation has been laid for Myanmar traditional medicines. University of Traditional Medicine was founded to nurture new generation indigenous medical practitioners. Traditional Medical Council Law was promulgated thereby enabling the indigenous medicine practitioners to provide health care to the public systematically. Moreover, Traditional Medicine Law was enacted to produce and supply qualified indigenous medicines to the people. The Ministry of Health has spared no efforts to upgrade and extend traditional medicine hospitals and clinics. The Indigenous Medicine Practitioners’ Association was established and the indigenous medical practitioners in unity are taking part in effort to serve the interests of the state and the people. Such firm foundations are proof of good opportunities for public health care service applying the traditional medicines.
Advanced medical technology in this age are reliable enough to diagnose various illnesses while the concept of practicing harmony among one’s deed, his mind, the season and the food; and the concept of living and taking food in conformity with hot and cold environment as prescribed in the Utubawzana Thingaha Treatise which are the essence of Myanmar traditional medicines are also reliable and they are the universal truth for longevity. Nowadays, not only the people of Myanmar but also the world populations turn their attention back to natural herbs and shrubs. Therefore, it can be said that the role of Myanmar traditional medicines produced with natural herbs and shrubs and Myanmar traditional medical science skillfully practiced by Myanmar traditional medical practitioners have been expanded more than ever.
Therefore, I wish all the delegates may exchange their views on health care for the entire people at the 16th Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners’ Conference, the get together of Myanmar traditional medicine practitioners.
On this auspicious occasion, I send this message wishing all the delegates and the entire Myanmar citizens health and happiness.

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