Preliminary Kayin National Conference held in Yangon

Kayin ethnics participate in Preliminary Kayin National Conference.
Kayin ethnics participate in Preliminary Kayin National Conference.

Preliminary Kayin National Conference organized by Kayin National Unity and Peace Committee started on Thursday at Myanmar Convention Centre in Yangon.
The conference will contribute to the interests not only of the Kayin but also of other ethnic groups, according to Yangon Region Kayin Affairs Minister Pado Saw Tun Aung Myint.
“It is sure that organizing such conferences for peace will contribute to the interests of the Kayin and this will in turn contribute to the interests of other ethnic groups,” Pado Saw Tun Aung Myint told the GNLM at the conference.
“The committee was formed with the aim of making the peace process of the Kayin National Union a success. However, the process has been a little delayed because all armed ethnic groups involve in the process. Peace must be restored in the long-term interests and the conference was organized with this aim,” the region minister added.
“All Kayin nationals must be able to participate in the conference despite difficulties for organizing such conference. However, we tried our best and we hope to organize the Kayin National Conference as the second step,” he added.
The conference will push peace process as well as promote economic, education and social status of the Kayin, according to the region minister. The conference will focus on development of Kayin State, it is learnt.
“It is time for the Kayin to reunite and to follow the democratic path of the state,” said Venerable Pastor Saw Matthew Aye. The conference will last three days.

By Ko Moe

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