Preparedness for natural disasters

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  • With the process of climate change happening all over the world, many kinds of natural disasters are threatening people of the world all the time. Generally speaking, now is the time for us to take constant notice of floods, storms, volcanic eruptions as well as earthquakes.
    These days Myanmar saw exceptional changes of natural phenomena—unusual rainfalls in winter, cold waves reaching some parts of the nation and 19 consecutive events of earthquakes and tremors which were centered in Myanmar starting from the very first day of the year till 14 January.
    Authorities concerned warned that quakes occurred in the country in the following places: at 12 miles far from the east and south-east of Kalaywa on 1st January, at 7 miles far from the south-west of Kalaywa on 2nd January, at 2 miles far from south-west of Thabeikkyin on the same day, at 20 miles far from the north-east of Moe-Hnyin on 4th January, at 19 miles far from the south and south-east of Kalaywa on 6th January, at 20 miles far from the north-east of Gwa on 7th January, at 15 miles far from Homemalin on the same day, at 13 miles far from the south and south-west of Kyaukhtu on 10th January, at three places for three times each in Phyu on 12th January, at 13 miles far from the north-east of Homemalin on the same day, at 2 miles far from the south-east of Htantabin, Yangon Region on 13th January and at 108 miles far from the north of Kaba-aye meteorology and hydrology department, respectively.
    Frequent events of quakes and tremors occurred almost every day in January is as if tolling warning bells for the public to take advance notice and make preparations for quakes likely to occur anytime, though we need not be too worried. It must be regarded to be good luck for us because we—families and authorities concerned can now take time to prepare for potential dangers. In case we happen to be in natural disaster events such as earthquakes or tremors, we need to live in safer places, to live outside the buildings and to be far away from dilapidated buildings. We can also take time to repair parts of our dwelling places in advance in readiness for imminent dangers.
    At present, there has been no massive destruction due to a natural disaster. As an arrangement for preparedness for disasters, the National Natural Disaster Management Committee (NNDMC) has already been formed, performing the tasks on disasters since May 2016. Meanwhile, the committee has experienced difficulties and challenges, through which natural disasters can be solved, it is hoped.
    Unlike the previous times, now that preparedness can be made in advance, people are now in a safer state. Accordingly, we, the people of Myanmar, should make efforts to learn more about the natural disasters which happen seasonally to take part in the government’s campaigns for helping victims of natural disasters.
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