Present and future of power generation and distribution

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  • The Ministry of Electricity and Energy announced recently that it will expand the power supply network nationwide and will use the four meters system including Smart Technology. Our people have known that Myanmar has seen a 15 per cent increase in power consumption every year. Currently, our country can produce 3189 MW, and it shows that the country’s power consumption is higher than production. On the other hand, it means that current production of electricity cannot meet the demands of the country.
    However, if current planned projects come into existence, 428 MW can be kept in reserve in 2021 and 688 MW in 2022. In the power production projects nationwide, hydro power plants make up 15 per cent of total projects, Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO)-fired power plants 18 per cent, natural gas-fired power plants 30 per cent, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)-fired power plants 32 per cent and solar power plants 5 per cent. It is found that diverse power generation resources are used to boost the electricity production in the country. However, coal-fired power generation is not included in the projects reported by the Union Minister for Electricity and Energy in a recent interview.
    Out of the power generation resources which will be used for increasing power production LNG will be stored in a Floating Storage Re-gasification Unit and will be piped to a Combined Cycle Power Plant. This is a new model of power generation system in our country.
    In the near future, power generation is expected to satisfy the country’s demand, but still, cables and grid networks need to be upgraded in the supply and distribution sector. Currently, out of 482 towns in the country, only 350 have access to the National Grid. The remaining 132 towns can access a power supply through other means which are not connected with the National Grid. Small-scale hydropower plants and diesel-fired power plants are the major ways for power production beyond the National Grid. It is good to know that solar power plants will play a part in supplying power to the people living in areas which cannot access to the National Grid.
    In the near future, the four-meters system would benefit the residents in Yangon and Mandalay first. Hence, we welcome the efforts of the Ministry of Electricity and Energy making concerted efforts for well-being of the people for the present and future.
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