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Preserve ancient cultural heritage as a national duty

The higher living standard is an index of improving the cultural standard. In this regard, the cultural standard is based on physical and mental politeness, sympathy and empathy under the religions and faiths, the guidance of customs and traditions, the establishment of modern societies and civilization, and appreciation of flourishing culture and fine arts.
Every country or every national preserves tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Intangible cultural heritage can be defined as languages, ideas, customs, costumes and dressing, beliefs and faiths, traditions, handicrafts, fine arts and so on. Tangible cultural heritage comprises all forms of materials used by human beings.
Currently, the government is implementing one of the social objectives: to respect and promote the customs and traditions of all national peoples and preserve and safeguard their cultural heritage and national characteristics. Likewise, the Ministry of Religious Affairs adopted the objects to protect and propagate Myanmar’s cultural heritage for all citizens to adore Myanmar’s culture and preserve Myanmar’s cultural heritage meeting international standards.
Various kinds of tangible and intangible cultural heritage scatter in all parts of the nation. But people in relevant areas cannot definitely know whether these kinds of cultural heritage are located in their areas. Moreover, they cannot know the value of the cultural heritage of their areas due to a lack of general knowledge and a lack of emphasis on their environment.
As such, the authorities and relevant organizations identify the cultural heritage with the installation of significant plaques. On 9 December 2022, a bronze plaque was installed at the Royal Thante School called Dio High School as the ancient cultural heritage in Aungmyaythazan Township of Mandalay Region. Such a school was built and donated by King Mindon to Dr Marks in 1869. In fact, it was the oldest high school in Myanmar.
In the monarchical era, Myanmar royal princes including King Thibaw in his princehood pursued an education in Latin, English, Geography, Mathematics, History and other subjects. Currently, the historic Thante School has been transformed into the No 10 Basic Education High School in Aungmyaythazan Township where students from various statuses of families have chances to learn education happily.
Everybody needs to preserve ancient tangible and intangible cultural heritage for ensuring long-term existence and to adore these kinds of heritage to be passed down from generation to generation as a natural duty. If so, the posterities will clearly know the value of the cultural heritage of the nation and histories in successive eras in preservation measures.

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