President and First Lady visit erosion-damaged areas in Haka

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President U Htin Kyaw, right, and First Lady Daw Su Su Lwin comfort a patient receiving treatment at Htantalan Hospital. Photo: MNA

President U Htin Kyaw and officials observed the regional development tasks in Haka and Htantalan and warmly conversed with local residents.
The President and First Lady Daw Su Su Lwin together with Union Ministers and Chin State Chief Minister also went to observe the Yone Mountain that collapsed from erosion from heavy rain during the rainy season of July and August in 2015.
Officials presented explanations on the completion of rebuilding local dwellings and the Tawlanyay Lake destroyed by the collapse, preventive measures from natural disasters installed, and long-term security in case of a natural disaster to prevent as much damage as possible.
In line with the presentation, the President stressed the necessity of utilising the allotted national budget to effectively address the requirements of local residents and regional development and planting of appropriate plants to combat soil erosion.
Later on, a visit was made to the Zaytawun monastic school in Haka, the President and his wife reverently observed young monks in the care of Chin monastic Sayadaw Dr. Ashin Tejosara. Donations of charitable gifts were made.
Afterwards the President travelled to Haka’s Christian Church and was welcomed by Reverend Dr. Steven Lian Hom Lain. Reverend Paul Thom Kye’O then conferred blessings and wishes on the President and entourage and the President gave gifts to Haka’s various Christian sect’s 10 reverends.
Afterwards they visited the general hospital in Haka and consoled the patients and gave cash donations, and observed the construction of new hospital wards.
Next, the President met with local residents in Botaikchun Hall and urged them to transparently report their necessities.
In the meeting, U Shan Man reported on upgrading the Haka-Tupi-Palatwa road to a cement road, upgrading streets and roads in Haka to asphalt roads, constructing a sawmill and timber sales office, constructing a hydroelectric power station in Haka, opening a technological university in Haka, and upgrading the general hospital in Haka to a 500-bed hospital. Also Chin Regional Government Secretary U Pyone Cho reported on developmental concerns in Tonzan, Tiddim, Falam, Haka, Tantalan, Mindat, Matupi, Kanpatlat, Palatwa townships, and in Rikawda, Lainlinwe, Rayzwa and Sa-me.
Union Ministers U Win Khaing, Dr. Myint Htwe, Dr. Aung Thu, Lieutenant-General Ye Aung, Dr. Myo Thein Gyi, Deputy Minister U Kyaw Myo, Permanent Secretary U Soe Aung explained plans to handle the aforementioned issues.
The President then observed the completed construction of buildings in Haka College.

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President U Htin Kyaw (second from right) inspects Razagyo dam in Sagaing Region. Photo: MNA

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Midday they visited the general hospital in Tantalan and consoled the patients and gave cash donations.
Afterwards the President met with local residents in Tantalan City Hall and City Development Committee Chairman U Ram Ka reported the need to connect Tantalan to the main power grid, elevating No. 2 Basic Primary School to Middle School, constructing a central office for all departments, opening two government departments, constructing a reservoir for clean water, paving the Haka-Tantalan-Sar-se road and constructing Bwenuu bridge, paving the Haka-Tantalan cement road to a width of 18 feet, upgrading the 25-bed hospital to a 50-bed hospital, and building of hostels and halls to which Union Ministers U Win Khaing, Dr. Myint Htwe and Dr. Myo Thein Gyi explained and discussed on the strategies being implemented.
The President then commented on how Chin State is given precedence on development programmes and that local residents should take active participation in the development process, and the need to creatively showcase traditional handiwork for preservation purposes and new ideas to promote the tourism sector, with the government supporting them to the best of their ability.
Later the President and entourage travelled by helicopter to the construction site of Razagyo Reservoir in Kalay, Sagaing Region and were debriefed in the planning hall by Irrigation and Water Resources Utilization Department U Kyaw Myint Hlaing on facts and figures on the construction process, spilling of rain water into the reservoir during the heavy rains in July 2015, construction of loam dams to protect from landslides, sifting loam and removing logs from the pumping area, the construction process of Manipura reservoir, and building of irrigation canals and waterways to sift water from flooded farmlands in Kalay.
Later the President and entourage toured around the Razagyo reservoir and hydroelectric station and gave presents to overseas experts on duty at the station.—Myanmar News Agency

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