President inspects reclamation of three lakes in Mandalay Region

President U Thein Sein meets locals in Wundwin Township, Mandalay Region.
President U Thein Sein meets locals in Wundwin Township, Mandalay Region.

President U Thein Sein on Saturday afternoon went on an inspection tour of Nyaungyan and Minhla lakes in Thazi township, Mandalay Region, officials said.
After receiving briefings on the inflow of water into the lakes, the president gave instructions on speedy implementation of lake reclamation.
The Nyaungyan lake has a storage capacity of 9,747 acre feet of water and can irrigate 9,738 acres of paddy plantation throughout the year, while the Minhla lake can store 21,357 acre feet of water and irrigate 19,217 acres of paddy plantation.
The president visited the Shweyinhmyaw pagoda and the lake on the pagoda’s compound.
He proceeded to the Htihlaing lake in Wandwin township, where he conversed with locals on his government’s regional development activities in areas including water and power supplies, economy and education.
Located in a village two miles west of Wandwin township, the lake was dug in the times of King Anawrahta of Bagan Period. With the passage of time, silt accumulated in the lake and reduced its storage capacity.
The lake has now been reclaimed from the silt and can provide much-needed irrigation water to 1,394 acres of farmland.
On Saturday morning, President U Thein Sein also visited the town of Meiktila in Mandalay Region, where observed locals taking physical exercise on the circular road of the Meiktila lake.
The president proceeded to the Shwesigon pagoda, where he attended a ceremony to hoist a htee atop the pagoda. During the religious rites, the congregation led by the president took nine precepts from a Sayadaw.
The president, union ministers and Mandalay’s chief minister hoisted the jewels-ornamented htee atop the pagoda.
After planting a Bodhi tree on the southwest corner of the pagoda, the president inspected the progress of reclamation work at the Meiktila lake.
On 23 May, President
U Thein Sein inspected the reclamation of the north Meiktila lake and urged officials and locals to help maintain the historic facility after reclamation work is over.
The reclamation of the lake started in May at a cost of 7.9 billion kyats with an army of heavy machinery. The historic lake can store 7,200 acre feet of water adequate enough to irrigate 7,350 acres of paddy plantation.

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