President meets three pillars of democracy in Chin State

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President U Win Myint delivers the speech at the meeting with officials from executive, legislative and judiciary pillars in Chin State. Photo: MNA

President U Win Myint held a meeting with officials from the executive, legislative, and judiciary pillars of Chin State in Haka City Hall yesterday.

Change is not to be feared
In his speech, the President said every responsible official in the country are working hand-in-hand to establish a democratic federal Union. There are some people who are worried about the reforms initiated throughout the country. Reform is not an enemy; it is a well-meaning friend. I want every department to inform our citizens it is the ripe time for the right opportunities, said the President.
He said people commonly believe reform is achieved when the government administration changes, but the truth is change needs to be conducted throughout all levels of government for effective reforms to take place. Likewise, the people need to change their mentality and convictions to initiate reforms, said the President, adding that the government, Hluttaw, and other departments all need to collaborate in unity as well.

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President U Win Myint (Right) inspects the construction of Surbung Airport project in Falam, Chin State. Photo: MNA

Equitable rights to be enjoyed by all
He said all citizens in a democratic country enjoyed equality, justice, fairness, and the same rights and opportunities. He said Myanmar
comprised many ethnic national races and can only be
called a Union when all of
them are involved. We must all work together to realize these ideals and values, said the President.
He said the three pillars of democracy play a central role in this development. He expressed his wish for the administration system to spread the rule of law among the people, and for the administrative mechanism to provide physical and mental security, and prosperity on the nation’s citizens. He said the administration must not be oppressive to the people.

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Governing laws need to be democratic, federalist
The President said this is the objective of a democratic federal Union and urged all departments and relevant organizations to conduct their duties with fairness and compassion. He said only a just society will perpetuate democracy.
The legislative pillar’s duty is to enact fair and just laws. If we are to head towards a democratic federal Union, then the legislature has to proceed in line with democratic norms and federal principles, said the President. He said laws need to be enacted to meet the requirements of the state so that the executive pillar can effectively govern in line with the law. If the laws remain unchanged, so too will the administrative system, said the President. He said we must exercise caution to balance the executive and legislative pillars.

Three pillars must check and balance each other
The President said the judiciary pillar must be able to hand out unimpeded justice. Section 11 (a) of the Constitution states that the three pillars cannot directly interfere with each other, said the President, adding that the executive and legislative pillars can only carry out checks and balances the judiciary by discussing whether its reasoning powers and decisions made are correct or fair.
The President said the state and region governments are directly responsible for implementing the Union Government’s changes in policy. He said we must implement practical reforms so that the country moves forward in development and our future generations can reap the fruits of democracy and human rights we have sown.

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President U Win Myint greets representatives from executive, legislative and judiciary pillars in Chin State yesterday. Photo: MNA

Civil servants are dutybound to serve the people
The President said civil servants need to fully carry out their assigned duties and provide public-centered services. He told them to keep in mind that the public is paying civil servants through their tax payments to perform their national duties.
Civil servants have sworn loyalty to the nation and are obligated to adhere to the laws, bylaws, rules and regulations related to them, said the President, adding that the more civil servants follow this principle the better the nation becomes.
The President urged the state government to consider whether a project is beneficial or accomplishable to their state or region. He said the Hluttaw is responsible for assessing the costs of these projects and other financial or logistical aspects to it, while the auditing sector needs to ensure there is no wastage of the public budget. He said there will be surplus in the budget if everyone carries out their responsivities and this will have to be returned to the State as outlined in the law. We must be sensible with public funds and spend it economically, said the President.
“The Ministry of Home Affairs is making efforts to deal with the drug problem. In the fight against drugs, some have been found turning a blind eye to drug-related offences. We will definitely take action against authorities that do not arrest those who should be arrested, and officials who fail to take action in drug-related cases,” said President U Win Myint.
The pillar called the judiciary would be corrected, as democracy can be strengthened only when the rule of law prevails.

The law must guarantee equal rights to all citizens. Only then, can all citizens enjoy the benefits of the rule of law. The rule of law is also supportive of the efforts to create peace. Hence, democracy, human rights and the rule of law are related to each other, and when one is breached, the other is also breached.
He also urged the Chin State Government to keep on supervise and evaluate the projects and policy laid down by the Union Government and to give instruction to the departments to make them a success.
Afterwards, U Salai Lian Lwal reported on the state government’s efforts for development of Chin State; Speaker of Chin State Hluttaw U Zo Bwe on legislative affairs and Chin State Chief Justice U Win Myint Kyaw on judiciary affairs in the state.
After hearing the report, President U Win Myint said ministries concerned would be coordinated to fulfil the needs of the state, adding that the Union Government is committed to fulfilling the needs of the country’s people especially least developed areas and ethnic people.
Afterwards, the President and party inspected the Surbung Airport which is under construction in Falam Townshp. At the project site, U Min Lwin, Director-General of the Department of Civil Aviation U Min Lwin and Director U Kyaw Soe reported to the president on progress of the project.
In the tour of inspection, the President has called for timely completion of the airport meeting the set standard.
He also viewed the earthwork at the airport project.
Upon completion, Surbung Airport will help smooth connectivity with the rest of the country and will uplift the socio-economic condition including health, administration, security, transportation, travel and emergency issue in chin State.
After the tour of inspection, the president and party went to Kalay, then they left for Nay Pyi Taw by Tatmadaw special flight.


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