President U Htin Kyaw and First Lady attend celebration of 69th Chin National Day

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President U Htin Kyaw, left, helps light a bonfire in Haka City, Chin State, as part of the celebration of Chin National Day. Photo: MNA

The 69th Chin National Day which falls on this 20 February, was celebrated in Falam yesterday and was attended by President U Htin Kyaw and First Lady Daw Su Su Lwin.
The President and First Lady, together with Union Ministers Lt-General Sein Win, Lt-General Ye Aung, Dr. Aung Thu, Dr. Myo Thein Gyi, Dr. Myint Htwe, U Win Khaing, Deputy Minister U Kyaw Myo and Brig-Gen Toe Yi arrived at the Falam’s Sports Ground at 8 in the morning and were greeted by Chin ethnic people dressed in traditional clothing.
The President together with the Chin State Chief Minister U Salai Lian Luai and Chin State Hluttaw Chairman U Zoe Bwe cut the ribbons for the 69th Chin National Day. The President and his entourage were warmly received by State Government members, Hluttaw Representatives, Ethnic Culture Groups, and Chin residents.
The President and those in attendance began the celebration by saluting the National Flag.
Falam resident U Haram Lawm Tan acted as chairperson and delivered the opening speech.
Afterwards, the President in his speech expressed his gratitude in being able to celebrate the 69th Chin National Day with all the esteemed Chin national brothers and sisters and citizens of the Union in attendance.
In his address the President remarked about the improvements made in the Chin State.
“We have made electricity available to all places in the Chin State from the main electrical grid, improved road transport networks, built long-distance roads linking with the central plains and new roads within the State, initiated work on Kaladan River Basin development and built the Paletwa Port to provide access to the sea from Chin State, built the first airport in Chin State at Falam, and worked on urban development projects in Haka, Falam and Paletwa.
As a result we may see visible and significant developments in each sector. In undertaking these regional development works, it is important for the ethnic national races to join hands with the Union Government and the State Government, “ President U Htin Kyaw said.
“Chin State has high mountains and mountain ridges, making travel difficult. Although we have to face difficulties while undertaking developmental works, nevertheless the Union Government is making concerted efforts to fulfil the developmental needs of Chin State. Therefore the ethnic nationals living in the State should also participate and cooperate as much as possible in these efforts.”
“We will be conducting national-level political dialogues for national races where different strata of society and different groups will get the chance to participate; for this I wish to express my pleasure in advance. From the National-level political dialogues to the successful conclusion of the Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong; for the emergence of a Federal System that could give assurances for equality and self-determination, which is the aspiration of ethnic nationals; and for the success and fulfillment of Union goals; in working for all these, I wish to urge all ethnic national races and Union citizens living in Chin State to come together in unity and work. I therefore make this very solemn exhortation and send this message of greetings.”
Next Chin State Chief Minister U Salai Lian Luai gave his address, followed by Chin State Hluttaw Speaker U Zoe Bwe reading a memorandum sent by Amyotha Hluttaw Speaker Mahn Win Khaing Than expressing his wishes and gratitude for the 69th Chin National Day.
This was concluded by Chairperson U Haram Lawm Tan reading memorandums sent by various groups celebrating the 69th Chin National Day.
After the opening ceremony, the President observed exhibitions on the 69th Chin National Day and visited Chin Traditional houses.
At midday, the President and entourage visited the construction site of Falam airport and were briefed in the project meeting hall by Transport and Communications Deputy Minister U Kyaw Myo on the progress of the construction in accord with the allotted budget, working with the quality control department to ensure the highest standards at the airport, and on remaining procedures.
Union Minister U Win Khaing and Chief Minister U Salai Lian Luai reported on possible considerations for regional development to which the President replied that the Union government will support in the development process with regard to the national budget.
Afterwards the President observed the progress of Falam airport construction from the observation deck.
Next a visit was made to the Laibar Dam and careful observations on the condition of the dam and the status of water flow were made.
The day was concluded with the President and entourage attending a bonfire celebration in Haka city’s Haka Union Hall.—Myanmar News Agency

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