President U Htin Kyaw meets professors, students of Osaka University in Japan

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President U Htin Kyaw speaks at the Osaka University. 
Photo: MNA

A Myanmar delegation headed by President U Htin Kyaw and First Lady Daw Su Su Lwin, who have been in Japan on a friendship visit, arrived in Osaka by bullet train yesterday.
The President and his delegation were welcomed by responsible officials at the Osaka Railway Station and they proceeded to Osaka University, where they met with responsible officials of Osaka University led by Executive Vice-President Professor Tetsuo Ogawa and Director Professor of Centre for International Education and Exchange at Osaka University, Mr. Tomono Arikawa.
The President met with teaching staff of the Myanmar language faculty, university students and Myanmar scholarship students. Two Japanese students spoke words of thanks, followed by Myanmar traditional Thingyan dancing and traditional national dancing. On behalf of the Myanmar language students, two second-year female students presented the President and First Lady with bouquets.
“Diplomatic relations between Myanmar and Japan were established since over 60 years ago, so bilateral friendship has lasted long. I am very pleased to see Japanese youths studying Myanmar literature, Myanmar culture, Myanmar music and Myanmar art enthusiastically. With the increasing amount of students learning the Myanmar language and literature with great interest, it was learnt that there took place insufficiency of Myanmar language teaching staff. In Myanmar as well, those who are interested in Japanese language stood second or third, it was said. In both countries, there are many Japanese learning Myanmar language and literature in Myanmar or vice versa. We firmly believe that mutual understanding achieved through meeting with each other may promote better relations and lead to strengthened friendship”, said the President.

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President U Htin Kyaw and First Laday Daw Su Su Lwin pose for the documentary photos together with professors and students of the Myanmar Language Department of the Osaka University in Japan on 15 December 2017. Photo:MNA

After the university visit, the President and his delegation arrived in Kyoto and visited the Kinkakuji Temple, an ancient heritage edifice.
Kinkakuji Temple was built in 1397 by the Chinese government to be used as a place of lodging when their diplomats came to Japan. After it was destroyed by fire in 1350, the structure was renovated in 1355. In 1987, all the gold leaves on the temple were replaced with new ones. Kinkakuji Temple contains 20 kilograms of gold, mostly from gold leaves placed there by worshippers. It is lited as a National Special Historic Site and a National Special Landscape, and is one of 17 locations making up the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto, which are World Heritage Sites.
In the evening, the President and First Lady arrived at the Kyoto State Guest House, where they will stay. At night, the President and First Lady visited the Wisteria Flower Room, where they were welcomed by Governor Mr. Keiji Yomada, Mayor of Kyoto Prefecture, and member of Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Daisaky Kadokawa, with Governor Mr. Keiji Yomada giving a welcoming speech. The President and his delegation attended a dinner party hosted by the Kyoto Merchants and Industrial Entrepreneurs Federation, Kyoto Prefecture.

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