President U Thein Sein inspects regional development tasks in Hkamti

President U Thein Sein being put on traditional costume seen with ethnic  people in Hkamti.
President U Thein Sein being put on traditional costume seen with ethnic people in Hkamti.

President U Thein Sein inspected men’s and women’s wards at Khamti People’s Hospital and comforted patients on Wednesday.
After giving presents to patients, the president met with doctors and health workers at the hospital, telling them the health sector is essential to the development of human resources
The president pointed out that doctors and health workers are required to hold talks on health education and disease prevention for ethnic communities and urged them to give treatment to local people warmly. Hkamti Hospital was built in 1948 with government funds on land donated by Chieftain Sao Mya Sein. It was upgraded into a hospital after renovation of the former building with government funds in 1953. Due to floods in 1954, the hospital was moved to the current site and was upgraded into a 100-bed district hospital in 2010.
Afterwards, the president and party inspected a new 50-bed hospital in Zeephyugon Ward and the Government Technical Institute in Hkamti.
The principal of the institute spoke about computer courses offered in cooperation with local authorities.
Union Minister U Soe Thane and U Tin Naing Thein reported to the president on measures being taken for education development. The president said the institute has been established for local people in border areas who have passed matriculation and cannot afford university education.  Students at the institute are required to learn useful skills and serve the interests of the state, the president said.
He pointed out that although Myanmar has to depend on the agriculture sector for economic development, the country needs to be an industrial nation in the long run and urged the teachers to instruct students properly.
Hkamti Government Technical Institute was established in June 2009 and courses on civil engineering, electronic communication and mechanical power are being taught.
Later, the president and party paid homage to Sayadaw Bhaddanta Viccitara of the Central Theravada Missionary Monastery and monks and offered provisions to them. The president and party also paid homage to Buddha images at Mya Theintan Pagoda and offered flowers, water and lights before donating cash for the pagoda.
In the evening of 7 April, the president and party enjoyed traditional dances of local cultural troupes at Khamti Township Yeiktha, where the president was dressed with traditional costumes by the cultural troupes. The president and party arrived back in Nay Pyi Taw in the afternoon.

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